NFF outlines what it wants to see in drought support

HELP with labour costs, "realistic" drought support eligibility criteria and better social services should be included in Federal drought assistance measures, according to the National Farmers' Federation.

NFF president, Brent Finlay, said the NFF wanted farm businesses to be given a fair shot at getting back on their feet and returning to the viable and productive businesses.

"We aren't asking for handouts - we're asking for a logical step forward, to help viable Australian businesses during a very tough time," he said.

The NFF has developed a package that includes a range of recommendations to address the needs of farmers and communities amidst the current drought.

"The NFF is strongly committed to advocating for long-term drought policy solutions that drive preparedness for farm businesses in the future," Mr Finlay said.

"However, when there's not a drought on, it's difficult for preparedness to remain a top priority for Government, as we have seen in recent years.

"Farmers across the country need support now and outdated eligibility criteria is preventing access for many who deserve it.

"Every farmer across Australia takes conditions like drought and other natural disasters into consideration in the operation of their business - they prepare and do their best to manage farms in weather outside of their control.

"This drought is simply a situation that the best planning could not prepare them for, and there are devastating effects on entire communities.

"We need to ensure drought relief  - as would be the case with any natural disaster - supports these farmers, their families and communities."

Read the NFF's full drought policy support document here or the two page summary here.

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