MY COMMENT: Farmers deserve future certainty

GOOMBURRA landowners deserve certainty.

Through no choice of their own, they have been thrust into limbo caused by APEC's coal exploration program.

Even though the drill rigs have left, the future for landholders living in the fertile farming district still hangs in the balance as they await the result of the exploration program.

It may be months before the results of the program are made public.

And with the exploration lease not expiring until next year, it may even take more time before APEC decides what its future holds.

There are several possible outcomes.

If the exploration program was a success, the lease could be renewed for further exploration by APEC or sold to another company.

On the other hand, if it failed to uncover any viable coal deposits, the lease could be abandoned.

All of these outcomes mean nothing to Goomburra farmers.

They need certainty.

They need to know what their future holds so they can get on with their livelihoods or start planning for the worst-case scenario.

They need to be put ahead of the company, its shareholders or the government.

It's simply not fair for them to be left in limbo.

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