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David Gibson said he hoped he would be remembered for more than his
David Gibson said he hoped he would be remembered for more than his "failings". Renee Pilcher

SHORT-LIVED police minister David Gibson, who resigned amid controversy over his driver's licence, told parliament on Thursday he hoped he would be remembered for more than his "failings".

The Gympie MP said he hoped he would be remembered for the things he had achieved, including championing issues for the deaf community in parliament.

"To provide them with a voice because as the child of deaf parents I know firsthand the challenges they face in this community," he said.

"Challenges that deaf and hearing impaired people face every single day as they get up and go about their work because deafness is a hidden disability.

"Those who in our community who are disabled are invariably most disadvantaged and we as politicians of all sides have a responsibility toward them in whatever way we can."

Mr Gibson said the LNP now had "an opportunity in this house to make a difference" after its overwhelming victory into parliament.

"But in doing so we must be always cognisant of the responsibility to the people of Queensland have placed on each and every one of us," he said.

"The people of Gympie will always have my commitment first and last.

"The old adage 'as you sow so shall you reap' has meant that for Gympie residents we have reaped what has been sown by over 20 years of incompetent Labour mismanagement.

"They were not a bad government, they were an incompetent government and I believe that to today.

"I only have to look to my electorate to see the legacy of their incompetence.

"My region faces higher unemployment than other parts of this state and what did Labor to protect or preserve jobs? Nothing.

"My area has a particularly special environmental areas, the Mary Valley and Mary River.

"And what was Labor's approach to that environmental jewel? Threaten it with environmental mismanagement.

"My region has one of the worst stretches of highway in Australia, between Cooroy and Curra.

"Labor's response in trying to fix it was to play petty games with Canberra and fumble around rather than actually getting on with the job.

"If we had have seen them getting on with the job we wouldn't have seen section B built before section A because what any one of our prep children in this great state of Queensland knows is that A comes before B but to a Labor administration they could not grasp that simple concept.

"I look forward to an LNP govt that will address these issues."

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