Warwick cattle and lamb sales

CUTE AS: Ella Patterson, eight, and Lilly Ferguson, nine, Nobby.
CUTE AS: Ella Patterson, eight, and Lilly Ferguson, nine, Nobby.


AT THIS week's Warwick cattle sale the combined livestock selling agents yarded 803 head.

GH & PJ Postle of Pittsworth sold grain assisted Charolais Angus cross bullocks for 188.2c/kg, weighing 555kg to return $1044.

J & K Fritz of Emu Vale sold Angus bullocks off oats for 182.2c/kg, weighing 635kg to return $1157.

ZP & LM Hoey of Clifton sold Santa/Charolais cross bullocks off oats for 183.6c/kg, weighing 614kg to return $1128.

The Hoey Family also sold Santa cows for 148.6c/kg, weighing 720kg to return $1070.

IA & PC Mapes of Junabee sold Charolais cross cows for 154.2c/kg, weighing 658kg to return $1015.

Freestone Farms of Warwick sold Santa cross cows for 150.2c/kg, weighing 648kg to return $973.

RJ & MA Harland of Greymare sold Santa cows for 148.6c/kg, weighing 650kg to return $966.

Yawarra Pty Ltd of Goomburra sold Santa heifers for 175c/kg weighing 510kg to return $893.

P & AM Donovan of Tooloom sold Angus cross feeder steers for 217.2c/kg, weighing 316kgs\ to return $687.

RM & JM Paskins of Stanthorpe sold Murray Grey feeder steers for 209.2c/kg, weighing 350kg to return $732.

DF, CA & CJ Cantwell of Wheatvale sold Angus cross milk vealers to the Butchers for 246.2c/kg, weighing 316kg to return $779.

CA 1Kelly of Warwick sold grain assisted European cross yearlings for 233.2c/kg, weighing 325kg to return $758.

B & C Williamson of Ballandean sold grain fed Angus heifers for 218.2c/kg, weighing 335kg to return $731.

A Santa bull sold for slaughter made 176.6c/kg, weighing 810kg to return $1430.

McDougall and sons

IA & PC Mapes, Junabee topped the cow market with CharaX cows making 154.2/ 659kg/ $1016.00, their second pen sold for 145.0/ 633kg/ $933.00.

Freestone Farms offered a line of cows off crop, the best of the draft made 150.2/ 648kg/ $973.00 and 151.2/ 557kg/ $842.00.

SA & FH Thompson sold CharaX cows for 152.0/ 542kg/ $825.00 and heifers at 161.2/ 473kg/ $762.00.

K & S Wendt, Yangan sold Brahman cows 126.2/ 468kg/ $591.00.

AJ & CM Mullins, Goomburra sold dairy culls 131.2/ 714kg/ $936.00 and 118.2/ 630kg/ $745.00.

Darren McMahon, Braeside sold GF Angus ylgs 219.2/ 345kg/ $756.00.

Glen & Emma Muller, Tanymorel sold CharaX vealers to local butchers 214.0/ 292kg/ $626.00.

K & S Wendt sold Hereford weaners to restockers 213.2/ 226kg/ $483.00.


CP & PA Imoff, Clifton sold DorsetX suckers 47kg/ $93.00.

Owen McCauley, Yelarbon sold XBred suckers 41kg/ $84.50.

AB & RJ Forrest, Gore sold Dorpers 45kg/ $92.00.

Warren & Wendy Schelbach sold trade lambs 46kg/ $84.50.

Melrose Station, Killarney sold DorsetX suckers 40kg/ 479.00.

Dunluce Grazing, Victoria Hill offered DohneX lambs 44kg/ $72.00 and hoggets 50kg/ $51.00.

Aged Dorper ewes with lambs at foot sold from $65.00 to $108.00.

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