Miss Chardy: A land full of inspirational women

A bird's eye view of Miss Chardy's 690,000-hectare station in the Northern Territory.
A bird's eye view of Miss Chardy's 690,000-hectare station in the Northern Territory. Contributed

WHAT I thought was just going to be one feature article on my friend Flick has now turned into something much bigger in my head.

I know that you all love to have a good sticky beak into the lives of others so I thought the right thing to do was to start a series - Outback Chicks!

One where I showcase all of the fabulous women I have come across on my outback adventures. And let me tell you - there are quite a few.

So many inspirational women it isn't even funny.

Now, they are quite shy and I am still waiting for them to flood me with answers to the interview questions I have sent them so until then I thought why not bang on about myself, because we all know I can do that.

Compulsive over-sharer and all.

I was just thinking about what a fabulous spot the internet is. I would be nothing without it. Nothing I tell you. I would be in my wardrobe crying a whole lot more that I usually do if I wasn't able to connect with everyone in cyberspace.

It has made living remotely bearable for this little extrovert. Back in the day I think I may well have gone insane.

Not being able to chat to people from anywhere, any time (that and the lack of air-conditioning would have done me in). It is an amazing thing.

It doesn't matter where you live now. Anything is possible. You can run a business, start a blog, do your shopping, send an email, video chat with family and friends, or if you are like me - total strangers.

Well they are not strangers to me - they are my people, my Miss Chardy community, and I for one love the fact that there is always someone out there who will understand what I am going through.

I first started this blog because I had been here on the station for about three months with only three other adults, oh and I was the only female.

We couldn't go anywhere as it was the wet season - this means the only way out is by chopper or plane, of which we have neither.

Anyway, my friend - Flick - told me to read this blog called Baby Mac. I did, and I was hooked. It totally resonated with me.

I thought Beth may be a long lost twin - surely, we must be related.

Anyway, I read this blog for about the next three days straight.

After a while I thought maybe I could start a blog. So I did. I googled "how do I start a blog” and the rest is history.

I thought it was only right that perhaps I interview myself - because I am scraping the bottom of the barrel and waiting for all of the fabulous women to get back to me (come on guys, you are killing me - don't be shy).

I thought I might try and tell you a bit more about who I am and what I have done.

Although I have already typed 500 words so if you are still with me then congratulations.

So for anyone who is new around here, let me answer some of the questions I have sent out to the girls.

Where do you live, what is your closest town and how far away is it?

I live on the Barkly Tableland in the Northern Territory, Australia. Our closest town is Camooweal and it is about a three-hour drive away. There isn't a whole lot there so our closest "service town” is Mt Isa, which is a five-hour drive away.

How big is the station you live on?

1.7 million acres (I feel like Dr Evil saying that).

How many staff do you have living on the station?

About 12 I think.

Where did you grow up?

Mudgee, NSW born and bred.

What was your first job?

A receptionist at LJ Hooker, Chatswood in Sydney circa 1998. This was after I attended June Dally Watkins Business Finishing School for a year. After a year at LJ Hooker I got a job as a legal secretary at a law firm in the city.

What brought you to the outback?

Well it turns out the city just wasn't for me. All those people, no one smiles, or talks to you and so many people in your face or jammed up against you on the train. So I thought I would give governessing a go. My first governessing job was on a sheep station 80km out of Bourke in NSW. I had a wonderful year out there. The next year a friend and I decided to head to the NT for just one year.

How did you meet your husband?

At my very first campdraft, only about three months after arriving in the NT. Remember I was just coming up here for a year, then I planned on moving back to country NSW to get a "real job”, as mum used to say. Well that didn't happen did it?! That was in 2001. Married, three kids and still here. I love it though and couldn't imagine moving back to NSW now.


What am I watching?

I am absolutely loving This Is Us on Ten. Actually I watch it on Tenplay on the Apple TV. If you have missed it you can watch it online with Tenplay.

What am I listening to?

Always podcasts of course. A great one I listened to the other day was called Success Talks and it was the episode from Feburary 16: Mel Robbins on the 5 Second Rule - so good!

I also started a new audio book - My Husband's Wife, by Jane Corry. To tell you the truth, I think I am going to have to ditch it. I gave it a good nudge yesterday while mowing but it just hasn't sucked me in. I don't know if it is the narrator or what. The storyline isn't bad but I am not loving it. Has anyone read it? Should I keep going?

What am I reading?

I just finished The Light Between the Oceans. This came highly recommended. All the women form Savvy B Central have read it and Miss Pip said she studied it at school and loved it so much she has read it three times. I did love it, so much so that I had a binge read on Saturday just so I could finish it and watch the movie on iTunes. The book was wonderful but the movie is two hours of my life I will never get back. I don't recommend rushing out to watch that one, very slow and boring. I am now sorry I rushed through last part of the book.

Social media picks

Those Two Girls on Facebook. Oh these girls crack me up. Just two regular mums (who happen to be gorgeous by the way) who are keeping it real in Brisbane. Heaps of videos. They are just so funny and I always find myself nodding thinking... "OMG are you living my life?”

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