Milman landholders nut out ways to combat feral pigs

TWO dozen landholders turned out to an evening meeting at Milman to discuss and learn how to manage feral pigs along Alligator Creek and a portion of the Fitzroy River.

A range of speakers from local and state government and commercial businesses discussed topics including baiting, trapping, monitoring, fencing, aerial shooting and the benefits of working together.

Bill Geddes, of Doonside, Jardine, said feral pigs were active in the northern section of the Alligator Creek catchment, despite having recently been baited.

The pink and blue areas represent targeted properties in the Alligator Creek district.
The pink and blue areas represent targeted properties in the Alligator Creek district.


A number of landholders neighbouring Doonside at the meeting said how well they had all worked together as a group in the past, to bait pigs, and they would continue to do so.

The Defence Department conducts an annual targeted baiting program within the Shoalwater Bay Training Area, including Werribee Creek. The department also works collaboratively with Stanage landholders in their feral pig management.

Ralph Bartlem, Fernleigh, Stanage, explained how beneficial eradication had been following the Stanage Feral Pig Project, where landholders worked together, and he talked of strategies used, which has resulted in the culling of more than 3000 pigs.

Many landholders attending the meeting were restricted from baiting with 1080, either due to owning smaller blocks in close proximity to residential dwellings or being within 5km of a township. Therefore, they must use alternative strategies to manage feral pigs - better communication and a joint approach would help such landholders tackle the problem.

The meeting was convened by Fitzroy River and Coastal Catchments (FRCC) in conjunction with the Fitzroy Basin Association and Rockhampton Regional Council.

Another meeting will be held on Thursday, April 4, at Wycarbah with a focus on the area between Stanwell to Gogango and north to Dalma. Those interested in attending should contact the FRCC office on 4921 0573.

Topics:  biosecurity feral animal control feral pigs

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