Warwick region livestock sales

SOUTHERN INFLUENCE: Brian Berridge, Athlyne, Tenterfield, and Ben Sharpe from Ray White Rural, Tenterfield, checking out the stud stock at the annual Ascot bull sale recently. Mr Berridge said the season on his property, east of Tenterfield, had been reasonable, but more rain would be welcome.
SOUTHERN INFLUENCE: Brian Berridge, Athlyne, Tenterfield, and Ben Sharpe from Ray White Rural, Tenterfield, checking out the stud stock at the annual Ascot bull sale recently. Mr Berridge said the season on his property, east of Tenterfield, had been reasonable, but more rain would be welcome. Toni Somes

GNF market wrap

AT THIS week's Warwick cattle sale the combined livestock selling agents yarded 1069.

  • Grain assisted limousin bullocks account B and C Williamson of Ballandean topped the market at 197.2c/kg, weighing 580kgs to return $1144.
  • J and K Fritz of Emu Vale sold charolais cross bullocks off oats for 194.2c/kg, weighing 673kgs to return $1306.
  • BF Murphy of Clifton sold angus cross grain assisted bullocks for 193.2c/kg, weighing 684kgs to return $1321.
  • Brett Rogers from Pinecroft at Liston sold a draft of 23 brahman cross bullocks that topped at 191.2c/kg, weighing 603kgs to return $1152.
  • WJ and C Thompson of Eukey sold charolais cross bullocks for 193.2c/kg, weighing 584kgs to return $1128.
  • Bender Grazing Partnership of Mungindi sold angus bullocks off crop for 193.2c/kg, weighing 538kgs to return $1038.
  • Charolais/shorthorn feeder steers from the same draft sold for 180.0c/kg, weighing 435kgs to return $782.
  • Charolais cross heifers also from Mungindi sold to the works for 186.2c/kg, weighing 556kgs to return $1035.
  • Tom Naughten of Rosehill sold a milk vealer for 217.2c/kg, weighing 310kg to return $673.
  • I and V Rogers of Stanthorpe sold Gelbvieh milk vealers for 204.2c/kg, weighing 335kg to return $684.
  • BE and JM Hayward of Allora sold charolais cows that topped the market at 164.2c/kg, weighing 600kg to return $985.
  • HN and MK Barnet of Goomburra sold angus cross cows for 151.2c/kg, weighing 594kgs to return $899.
  • A Wickham of Karara sold a 6 tooth santa heifer for 178.2c/kg, weighing 620kgs to return $1105.

McDougall and Sons


DAVID and Wendy Green were volume sellers with some very good grain assisted dorset X lambs from their Roma holding, the lead being 59kg and selling to TFI for $105.

  • TFI also followed up with the next five runs of lambs from 54kg to 47kg selling from $103 to $98.
  • Graham Greenup again placed some very neat suckers 49kg to sale with Carey Bros taking them home for $110.
  • Tom Cooper was not to be outdone with his 44kg suckers making $113 with Hawthorne Partnership and Tonys Supa Meats sharing these prime suckers.
  • Melrose Station sold a run of good crop assisted young lambs 46kg lead selling to Carey Bros for $108, subsequent weight drops selling to Shelley Family Trust,Westridge Meats and Toogoolawah Butchery with a price range of $87 to $96.
  • Sale toppers today belonged to the local Bowles Family, Tannymorel with their 52kg lambs selling to local butcher Gillies Meats at Clifton for $121.
  • With 1900 lambs yarded today the market took a little correction with the top lambs easing slightly, however the market still contained a large number of seasonally affected lambs that makes the choice end of the yarding hard for any one operator to dominate the yarding, resulting in the pleasing results achieved today.


MICHEAL Reeves, Stanthorpe sold 630kg brahman cross bullocks 191.2c/kg $1206 and 606kg limousin cross bullocks 190.6c/kg to make $1156.

  • LR and LM Eastwell from Yangan sold 605kg angus bullocks 195.2c/kg to make $1180.
  • Bannercase Pty Ltd sold 395kg grainfed brahman steers for 174.2c/kg to return $688 and 396kg heifers to 173.2c/kg to make $686.
  • Mark Twomey from Clifton sold 385kg limousin yearlings for 191.2c/kg to make $736.
  • Todd Waugh sold 330kg angus cross yearlings for 194.2c/kg to $640.
  • A and V Green from Nobby consigned grainfed angus heifers, they sold to butchers at 190.0/ 312kg/ $594 and 183.2/ 355kg/ $650.
  • BC Bailey, Boggabilla trucked in angus yearlings, the steers sold to restockers at 188.2/ 320kg/ $602 and 186.2/ 295kg/ $550, with the heifer draft topping at 145.0/290kg/ $422.
  • RH and MM Cleary from Greymare sold 370kg angus heifers to feedlots for 162c/kg for $600.



BILLEROY Farms of Goomburra sold 460kg santa heifers for 154.2c/kg returning $709.32.

  • Geoff Somerville of Limevale sold 620kg angus cross steers for 150c/kg returning $930.
  • RC Longhurst sold 333kg hereford store cows for $333.


BD and ME Cory sold 47.6kg dorper lambs for $100.

  • D White sold 45.5kg dorper lambs for $100.
  • FJ Yeo sold 46.00kg suffolk lambs for $93.
  • ND and MA O'Dempsey sold 44.5kg suffolk lambs for $92.
  • AF and RF Sutton sold 38kg dorper lambs for $70.
  • W Adams sold 63kg dorper hoggets for $63.
  • Derwent Park Pastoral PTY LTD sold 37.5kg cross breed lambs for $61.
  • G, S and A Ferguson sold 45.8kg merino lambs for $60.
  • Pabra Pastoral sold 38kg merino lambs for $49.
  • PL and PL Hood sold Texel ewes for $55.
  • P and L Hacker sold merino ewes for $41.

Nowlan Stock and Station


WARATAH Developments had 43kg lambs which sold for $80.

  • Pete Robertson sold grainfed lambs, which made $87.
  • HG and AG Gray sold hoggetts to $48.
  • Ken Sykes sold dorper cross lambs tipping the scales at 41kg for $66.
  • Conroy and Reid sold light crossbred lambs for $69.
  • Glenrae Cattle Company sold rams for $30.


COLIN and Kylie Mackay sold angus steers for 171.2c/kg weighing in at 388kg to return $664.26.

  • Glen Fanning sold heifers for 164.2c/kg weighing 428kg to make $792.27.
  • HG Butler sold angus steers averaging 385kg for 159.2c/kg to make $612.92.
  • K and MC Holmes sold 701kg bullocks for $1257.39.

MLA Warwick wrap

DESPITE some scattered falls of rain in parts of the supply area, numbers remained close to the previous week.

  • There was a wide variation in the quality of the young cattle.
  • A fair sample of heavy grown steers and bullocks were penned and most of the cows were heavy three and four scores.
  • A fair panel of buyers was present, with representatives covering all categories.
  • Apart from some lightweight classes most of the young cattle improved in price, with stronger support from restockers and feeder operators.
  • Extra butcher competition along with stronger processor demand lifted average prices on heavy yearling steers by 7c/kg.
  • Heavy grown steers and bullocks gained 3c to 5c and cows were noticeably dearer to average 5c to 11c/kg better.
  • Calves to restockers average 169c and sold to 171c/kg.
  • A small selection of vealer heifers sold to local butchers to average in the early to mid 190c range, with the occasional sale to 217c/kg.
  • Lightweight yearling steers returning to the paddock sold to a dearer market to average 181c, with sales to 188c/kg.
  • Medium weight yearling steers to feed mostly sold in the early to mid 170c/kg range.
  • Heavy weights to feed averaged 4c dearer at 176c and sold to 183c, while slaughter descriptions averaged 187c and sold to 197c/kg.
  • Medium weight yearling heifers to the trade averaged 12c dearer at 171c, with sales to 195c/kg.
  • Heavy weights also to the trade improved 7c to average 167c/kg.
  • Heavy grown steers averaged 190c and made to 195c and bullocks also averaged 190c and made to 194c/kg.
  • A small selection of heavy grown heifers made to 186c, to average 184c/kg.
  • Medium weight two score cows averaged 9c dearer at close to 125c and three scores averaged 136c and made to 141c/kg.
  • Heavy three scores averaged 142c, while good heavy cows averaged 155c with a few to 164c/kg.

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