Mario reaches pinnacle with 1991 BMW E30 M3 convertible

Mario Lamont’s rare BMW M3 convertible will be on show at RACQ MotorFest on July 13.
Mario Lamont’s rare BMW M3 convertible will be on show at RACQ MotorFest on July 13.

IF YOUR eyes light up at the mention of "puff guards", it would be a crime to miss Mario Lamont's rare BMW at RACQ MotorFest on July 13.

Fulfilling a dream held since his teenage years, Mario recently snapped up a sleek 1991 BMW E30 M3 convertible - one of only two or three in Australia and less than 700 worldwide.

Mario said that for him it was "the pinnacle" to own an E30 M3.

"I had the privilege earlier this year to be able to look for one and that's when I happened - by sheer fortune - to find this E30 M3 convertible," he said.

"The majority of the E30 M3s were all coupes and I didn't even know, like most people in the BMW circles, that they made them in a convertible. But they made them in two batches. The second batch was when this car came into being in May 1991 - virtually the last of the E30 run.

"It's got the puff guards that I just love - you've only got to take one look at it to know that's distinctly M3 - there's no second guessing it."

Propping up the bonnet, Mario points out that while it's only a 2.3-litre four-cylinder, his E30 M3 is naturally aspirated, with no turbo.

"They were pulling out 215 horsepower which for a non-turbo four-cylinder was astronomical and they just rev like crazy," he said.

Mario located the car in Sydney and travelled from Brisbane with some mates to check it out.

"I was just a kid in a candy store and to drive this thing back was just magical - the sound and performance is amazing.

"I can't wait to bring my new little beast to MotorFest!"

Mario is not alone - he's one of hundreds of car enthusiasts looking forward to showing off their classic, rare, vintage and sports cars at RACQ's biggest annual event.

Check out the video here. 

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