Roma cattle sales

Roma store cattle

A TOTAL of 6315 head of cattle were penned at Roma's Store Sale on Tuesday.

Price averages increased for good quality, lightweight steers, with light rainfall across the region boosting restocker buyer confidence.

  • Weaners under 220kg topped at 210c/kg and averaged 185c/kg, while weaner steers in the 220-280kg range reached 210c/kg and averaged 176c/kg. Steers in the 280-350kg range reached 204c/kg and averaged 183c/kg, and steers in the 350-400kg range reached 204c/kg and averaged 177c/kg. Feeder steers in the 400-550kg range topping at 181c/kg and averaging 169c/kg.
  • The Thornton family, Westlyn, Morven, sold charbray-cross steers to 204c/kg for 295kg to return $603 a head.
  • The Bauer family, Greendale, Tambo, sold charbray steers to 196c/kg for 353kg to make $692 a head.
  • Lucas Pastoral Co, Cliffdale, Wyandra, sold santa-cross steers to 196c/kg for 283kg to return $556 a head.
  • Winky Hughes, Yamboyna, Wallumbilla, sold droughtmaster-cross steers to 196c/kg for 294kg to make $577 a head.
  • Stinson Pastoral Co, Hillyview, Amby, sold santa-cross steers to 194c/kg for 315kg return to $612 a head.
  • Alice Downs Partners, Alice Downs, Morven, sold droughtmaster-cross steers to 191c/kg for 242kg to make $463 a head.
  • Bill and Kellie McLean, BKM Pastoral, Stratton, Roma, sold charbray-cross steers to 190c for 370kg to return $703 a head.
  • Kellsall Pastoral Co, Wandoan, sold santa-cross steers to 190c/kg for 335kg to make $638 a head.
  • The Twist family, Juandah Downs, Mungallala, sold charolais-cross steers to 186c and averaged 180c for 347kg to return $624 a head.
  • The Easton family, Luccombe, Mitchell, sold droughtmaster-cross steers to 180c for 353kg to return $636 a head.
  • The Whatmore family, Boatman, Morven, sold santa-cross steers to 180c/kg for 238kg to make $429 a head.
  • The York family, Oakleigh, Wallumbilla, sold angus-cross steers to 177c/kg for 375kg to return $665 a head.
  • Graham and Moloney, Happy Valley, Wallumbilla, sold santa-cross steers to 176c/kg for 475kg to make $837 a head.
  • Heifers in the 350-450kg range reached 173c/kg and averaged 149c/kg.
  • Heifers in the 280-350kg range topped at 169c/kg and averaged 156c/kg.
  • Heifers in the 220-280kg range topped at 179c/kg and averaged 161c/kg, while heifers under 220kg topped at 176c/kg.

Roma prime cattle

A TOTAL of 3118 head of cattle were penned at Roma's Prime Sale last Thursday.

  • Steers over 550kg sold to 180c/kg and averaged 170c/kg, while steers in the 400-550kg sold to 177c/kg and averaged 157c/kg.
  • Bruce Walker, The Farm, Roma, sold santa-cross steers to 180c/kg for 634kg to return $1138 a head.
  • The Cleland family, Angry Jungle, Wallumbilla, sold charolais-cross steers to 176c/kg for 693kg to make $1221 a head.
  • Beth Harms, The Wilgas, Roma, sold brahman-cross steers to 175c/kg and averaged 173c/kg for 579kg to return $1002 a head.
  • Nugent Pastoral Co, Bulburram, Tambo, sold santa-cross steers to 174c/kg for 665kg to make $1158 a head.
  • John York, Taunton, Roma, sold simmental-cross steers to 173c/kg and averaged 172c/kg for 687kg to make $1180 a head.
  • The Harris family, Quebec, Roma, sold santa-cross steers to 173c/kg for 611kg to make $1055 a head.
  • Torres Park Grazing, Cherry Hills, Injune, sold santa steers to 170c/kg for 612kg to return $1042 a head.
  • Heifers over 450kg sold to 166c/kg and averaged 154c/kg, while heifers in the 350-450kg category returned 166c/kg and averaged 141c/kg.
  • The Scott family, Quilpie, sold charolais-cross heifers to 166c/kg for 438kg to return $728 a head.
  • The Sutton family, Freshfields, Roma, sold brahman-cross heifers to 164c/kg for 520kg to return $853 a head. The Brown family, Ardentrive, Roma, sold angus-cross heifers to 161c/kg for 540kg to make $870 a head.
  • They also sold angus-cross cows to 144c/kg for 571kg to return $823 a head.
  • The Redgen family, The Rockies, Roma, sold charbray heifers to 155c/kg for 435kg to make $674 a head.
  • The Roberts family, Charlies Creek, Injune, sold charolais heifers to 150c/kg for 496kg to make $744 a head.
  • Cows over 500kg peaked at 160c/kg and averaged 138c/kg, while cows in the 400-500kg class topped at 152c/kg and averaged 126c/kg. Cows 300-400kg reached 142c/kg and averaged 111c/kg.
  • Yarrawonga Cattle, Stockade, Tambo, sold santa cows to 150c/kg for 619kg to return $930 a head.
  • The Russell family, Willara, Augathella, sold charolais cows to 149c/kg for 632kg to make $942 a head.
  • Institutional Investments, Toarki, Roma, sold limousin-cross cows to 148c/kg for 567kg to make $841 a head.
  • Taylor Grazing, Kevington, Injune, sold santa-cross cows to 144c/kg for 682kg to make $984 a head.
  • Douglas Cattle Co, Verniew, Mitchell, sold droughtmaster-cross cows to 144c/kg for 564kg to return $814 a head.
  • Brad Howe, Aberdeen, Yuleba, sold santa cows to 140c/kg for 573kg to make $803 a head.
  • Bulls over 600kg topped at 165c/kg and averaged 155c/kg.

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