Letter says 'roos not the problem they're claimed to be

ACCORDING to The Australian Society for Kangaroos,  Qld  Government data  shows farmers are not actually applying for more than 6% of the kill quota allowed which is the lowest rate for many years.

This would reflect the assertion that kangaroos are not the major problem that they are claimed to be.

Makes you wonder what  political motivation there might be in setting ridiculously high quotas that are not based on the Government's own data.

In fact the Commercial Harvest Quota Report for Qld 2013 shows kangaroo densities are less than 5 per square km across half of Qld and densities of all 3 species added together don't exceed more than 70 per square km accross the other half with most areas having much lower densities.

So the claim that farmers are being overrun by kangaroos can only be called a beatup.

As we are currently in drought, animal farmers are hand feeding and not relying on pasture. In non drought periods kangaroos rarely compete with livestock for pasture according to studies by the University of NSW at Fowlers Gap Research Station.

The CSIRO found 95% of wheatbelt crops were also never visited by kangaroos.

Kangaroos will not generally venture more than 400m from their home bush so by leaving a buffer between bush and crops,  farmers can easily avoid  kangaroos eating their crops.

Sylvia Cooper


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