Storm Chasers pitch in to help struggling farmers

Struggling farmers are in need of help.
Struggling farmers are in need of help.

My Name is Amy and I'm one of the 11 admins on Higgins Storm Chasing Facebook page

We are trying to create awareness to something that's happening in our back yard.

With storm chasing and weather prediction something very large and devastating has begun to hit us hard. Each day, each week we may predict rain in some areas, showers, or storms.

Sadly there are areas of Australia that haven't seen it rain in over 22 months. Farmers are suffering and bad.

They have lost everything, Heards of cattle, income and livelihood.

Children have never seen green grass, never seen rain and have had to watch their parents struggle fights no child should have to witness.

We have been sent images and stories that reduce us to tears, break our hearts with every day that goes by and still no rain is forecast for these severely drought stricken areas. We decided with our 200,000 + strong followers it was time to do something.

We have created the "LET'S DO IT" Campaign.

Can we help these farmers, raise awareness to what is happening in our back yard and get them some desperately needed help?

We are running this for a week. In the first 2hrs of going public we raised $7000 to go towards the struggling farmers.

How are we doing this you ask? We went searching for charities that are trying to help these desperate farmers, and we found this amazing charity. Aussie Helpers.

We have asked people to help, donate, share and spread the awareness of the historical tough times our Australian farmers are facing. Some have lost everything, some are facing the lose of everything and even sadder some have lost loved ones due to suicide.

Australia Needs help! You can donate to the link above, anything from a bale of hay to a litre of fuel, and all proceeds go to those farmers that need it most.

Some are having to spend $20,000 a week just to get water, and food sent in to keep what cattle they have left alive. Lets keep our Australian farmers industry alive!


We are asking help of all media, the more word spreads the more help these farmers get.

Please help us in our backyard fight.

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