Landry concerned Trump's victory could impact CQ

CQ FRUIT: Michelle Landry, Federal Assistant Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment Keith Pitt and farmer Ian Groves.
CQ FRUIT: Michelle Landry, Federal Assistant Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment Keith Pitt and farmer Ian Groves. contributed

DONALD Trump's US election win was a surprise to Capricornia MP Michelle Landry who is now concerned about the flow-on affect to Central Queensland farmers.

"I did think that Hillary Clinton would have won," she said.

Ms Landry, who spoke with The Bulletin from Canberra this morning, said Mr Trump had indicated during his election campaign that he was not supportive of the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

She said as part of the TPP arrangements the Federal Government had managed to reach during negotiations, Capricornia farmers would have benefited.

"We are not sure if the Trans-Pacific Partnership will go through," Ms Landry said.

The TPP stands to eliminate more than 98% of trade tariffs and remove import taxes on about $9 billion of Australian trade.

Ms Landry had pushed for a better deal for sugar growers who will receive a $13 million a year sales boost under the partnership.

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The TPP will further reduce tariffs on Australian exports of beef to 9 percent, while the tariffs in Mexico and Canada will be completely eliminated within 10 years. Also, the TPP eliminates the AUSFTA beef safeguards, which set out quotas and increased tariffs on Australian beef exported to the US in excess of those quotas.

Meanwhile, she also spoke about Mr Trump's election promise to boost the US Military and how it might benefit CQ.

Donald Trump called for eliminating the sequester on defence spending and increasing military spending to boost troop levels and the number of ships and aircraft.

Every two years, the Australian and US forces participate in the joint military training exercise Talisman Sabre at Shoalwater Bay and Townsville.

Ms Landry said Australia's department of Defence would have to hold discussions about what the increase in US military could mean for Shoalwater Bay extra training exercises or more US personnel and infrastructure there during Talisman Sabre.

She said there would be an issue with any additional exercises now that the Singapore Army will be increase its usage of the Central Queensland facility.

Ms Landry said the Australian Government would have to look at whether or not there was any times available, and take into consideration the time the land/environment needs to recover from the impact of military training exercises.

Ms Landry said the US Election was very controversial and she hoped things would now settle down.

She said the outcome had a strong message - that voters prefer a grassroots campaign where politicians get out into the community and listen to watch people say.

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