Financial planner is part-time cane grower

CUT ABOVE THE REST: Kim Evetts works in Mackay as a financial planner, and runs his cane farm at Gargett in his time off.
CUT ABOVE THE REST: Kim Evetts works in Mackay as a financial planner, and runs his cane farm at Gargett in his time off. Lee Constable

SPORTING SONS: Kim Evetts has put up AFL posts and mows a cricket pitch for his sons on his cane farm at Gargett. Lee Constable

CRUNCHING numbers then cutting cane, and he wouldn't want it any other way.

After finishing his Monday to Friday job in town as a financial planner, Mackay dad Kim Evetts spends his weekends looking after his Gargett cane farm.

I describe it as small enough for me to manage, but big enough to be worthwhile.

Growing up in Tekowi, he got a taste for the farming lifestyle because his father was a harvesting contractor.

"I guess as a boy, sitting on the floor of a carne harvester, it just got into my blood," he said.

In 2008 he seized an opportunity to invest in agriculture, and bought the neighbouring property to brother Peter Evetts' cane farm in Gargett.

He now owns, runs and lives on the 110-acre property.

"I describe it as small enough for me to manage but big enough for it to be worthwhile," he said.

"The fact my brother is next door has made a huge difference.

"He is mechanic by trade. I can drive them, but I can't fix them."

If you have ever headed up the Pioneer Valley and driven though Gargett, you would have travelled past Mr Evetts' farm.

The proud dad said his "three little blokes" - eight-year-old twins Jackson and Hayden and six-year-old Lachlan love life on the land.

"I made them some AFL posts so they can kick the footy around," he said.

"And when I say AFL posts ... I put in a couple star pickets and put PVC pipes on top of them."

Mr Evetts also mowed a cricket pitch for the boys to play on.

Cricket was once the main focus in his life.

After graduating from Mackay State High School, Mr Evetts played A-grade cricket in Brisbane for 15 years.

He was successful at the sport and was selected in the Sheffield Shield squad.

"I feel there have been different phases of my life," he said.

"Moving to Brisbane and playing cricket was one, then setting up the business in town was another and I feel the farm will set me up for the next phase.

"I can't picture myself ever not working. So the farm sets me up for life after being a financial planner."

It was difficult for Mr Evetts to pick which he would prefer - a long day at the office or a long day on the farm.

"I really do enjoy both," he said. "With financial planning, we are always working towards long-term goals. I can see the results I'm getting for my clients, which is rewarding. But with farming, for instance, I can go take my tractor into the paddock and I can see straight away the work I have done."

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