Big year for charolais and angus breeders

IT'S been a big year for charolais and angus breeders Jim Wedge and Jackie Chard.

The owners of Ascot have been committed to improving the genetics of their herd.

They have recently purchased some exceptional bulls, including three homozygous polled charolais bulls and an angus being dubbed the best in the country.

"We are aiming to produce sustainable genetics so the cattle industry will be accepted more readily by the consumer and be sustainable for the longer term," Mr Wedge said.

"By this we mean we want to breed bulls that will produce progeny that can be turned off sooner, making the commercial producer more profit.

"These new stud sires have been selected as out crosses to our existing breeding program that will fit these parameters."

Mr Wedge said they tested the majority of their charolais progeny now for the homozygous polled gene.

"In time nearly all of our herd will have this gene so we can sell far more bulls with it," he said.

"The commercial producer will get these benefits as well as having bulls with fast early growth, good weight for age at an early age and the ability to lay down fat quickly on pasture or in the feedlot."

Over the past eight years Ascot Cattle Co has had a vision for the future, has set goals and has been knocking them out of the ball park.

"The feedback on our bulls has been very positive and rewarding," Mr Wedge said.

"With the charolais breed, we've been working hard not only on the poll gene but also the positive fat side to make them a softer breed.

"We're hearing progeny from our bulls are finishing easier on grass and in the feedlot and our bulls have been delivering an earlier finishing animal."

Mr Wedge said their focus on both the angus and charolais had been increasing their doing ability, and progeny coming from their bulls would consequently do well on grass or in the feedlot.

"We're very happy with this year's bull sale line-up and we have very good sons in the sale by top priced angus bulls we purchased a few years ago," he said.

"One of our favourite sires represented is the home bred Ascot Hallmark, who is receiving huge industry appeal Australia-wide."

Mr Wedge said Ascot Hallmark had everything you could want in a bull and he had five sons in their sale.

Mr Wedge said they also had 10 sons of Millah Murrah Highlnder G7 in the sale this year.

Ascot has its annual sale next Friday, September 23 at noon, with 50 angus bulls and 50 polled charolais bulls on offer.

A first this year will be Auctions Plus with live video and audio streaming in conjunction with the traditional Auctions Plus connection. For more information and to view bull videos and sale catalogue visit www.ascot

Ascot is located just outside Warwick on the Allora back road.

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