Hendra vaccine protects kids too

Vet Greg Harris injected Scots PGC Horse Toby against Hendra.
Vet Greg Harris injected Scots PGC Horse Toby against Hendra. Erin Smith

EIGHTEEN horses at Scots PGC College Equestrian Centre have received the first of two vaccinations against Hendra virus.

Equestrian residential program leader Richard King said it was the best way to protect the horses and children at the school.

"It's just not possible to prevent flying fox access to horses in many cases," he said.

"So vaccinating against Hendra is the best way to protect valuable horses, and the children and staff that work with them.

"We can wish ourselves free of flying foxes all we like.

"But I believe that they will always be around in eastern Australia - and so they should be.

"The number might be lower and I am not arguing the need to be able to move them on for public safety reasons.

"But if all that gets sorted out, horses will still come into contact with the virus.

"So we are just going to vaccinate and hope others follow our example."

Warwick Town and Country Vet veterinarian Greg Harris said he recommended all horse owners to vaccinate against Hendra.

"It involves two injections exactly three weeks apart," he said.

"There has been a little reaction on occasion a small site reaction but most horses don't even notice it.

"It works extremely well and stops it straight away."

Dr Harris said it the vaccinations were not just for the horse's safety.

"It is more about own personal safety," he said. "If humans get it, it is a very nasty disease."

Dr Harris said Warwick Town and Country Vets had vaccinated 50 horses in the Warwick area.

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