Heavy heifers in strong demand at Emerald sale

EMERALD combined agents yarded just on 1250 head of mostly well presented cattle at last Thursday's sale, the second last for the year.

Prime cattle were in demand as were steers and heavy heifers but the lighter end of the heifers struggled to maintain the previous week's rates.

Bullocks over 550kg were in demand, reaching 185c/kg and averaging 177c/kg, 21 cents better.

Steers 500-550kg made to 175c/kg and steers 400-500kg sold to 176c/kg and averaged 160c/kg, gaining 10 cents. Steers 320-400kg reached 168c/kg to average 161c/kg, unchanged. Steers 220-300kg made to 194c/kg, averaging 163c/kg, five cents stronger; while steers under 220kg also gained ground to sell to 201c/kg and average 178c/kg.

Cows sold to a dearer market, heavy cows over 520kg peaking at 150c/kg to average 140c/kg, 12 cents better, and the 400-520kg cows remaining firm at 144c/kg. Several pens of cows and calves sold from $560 to reach $1090 for very well presented, good-quality crossbred cows with big calves.

Heifers over 400kg were in demand, reaching 168c/kg to average 159c/kg, 15 cents better, while heifers 300-400kg sold to 150c/kg to average 137c/kg. Heifers 220-300kg lost ground to top at 171c/kg and average 146c/kg, while heifers under 220kg made to 150c/kg.

The first sale at Emerald in 2013 will be held on Thursday, January 17.

Emerald Sale Highlights

  • Thursday, December 6. Yarding: 1250.
  • Neil & Sharon King, Banrock, The Willows, topped the sale with their brangus No.0 steers making 185c/kg, weighing 641kg to return $1187
  • Peter Cook & Family, Beaumont, Pine Hill, sold droughtmaster cross cows to 148.2c/kg, to weigh 534kg and gross $791, while the heifer draft sold to 150.2c/kg, to weigh 315kg and gross $473
  • Ted Sypher & Family, Veronica Downs, Capella, sold quality brangus cows weighing 546kg to make 141.2c/kg and return $770. They also sold brangus weaner heifers weighing 257kg to make 170.2c/kg and return $438
  • Mick & Karen Zimmermann, Boonal Downs, Capella, sold quality santa No.1 grain-assisted bullocks weighing 547kg to make 175.2c/kg and return $959
  • John Crossan & family, Blackbutt, Anakie, sold droughtmaster cross bullocks weighing 841kg to make 158c/kg and return $1329
  • The Hinrichsen Family, Durrandella, Alpha, sold quality brahman cross bullocks weighing 577kg to make 182.2c/kg and return $1051
  • Kleier Pastoral, Luxor, Dysart, offered euro cross weaner heifers making 171c/kg, weighing 251kg for $430
  • Webb Cattle Co, Cypress, Yamala, sold charolais cross No.1 heifers for 150c/kg, weighing 304kg for $456

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