Warwick cattle and lamb sales

WINNER: Brendan Behm, of CGU Insurance, presents the winner’s gift to classic section winner Jennifer Acton, of
WINNER: Brendan Behm, of CGU Insurance, presents the winner’s gift to classic section winner Jennifer Acton, of "Wilpena", Dingo, during the Fashions in the Field by CGU Insurance.

AT this week's Warwick Cattle Sale, the combined Livestock Selling Agents yarded 1201 head.

A good line up of cows and bullocks sold to a slightly dearer trend whilst well finished trade yearlings lost ground due to a combination of extra numbers and dry weather.

  • Milk tooth Limousin bullocks that were grain assisted from Clifton topped the market at 190.6c/kg, weighing 551kgs to return $1050.
  • Kiara Downs Pty Ltd of Tenterfield sold a quality draft of milk tooth Charolais cross bullocks off oats, with the top pen selling for 189.2c/kg, weighing 575kgs to return $1088.
  • SS and MC Fletcher of Woodenbong sold young Hereford bullocks off oats for 184.6c/kg, weighing 550kgs to return $1015.
  • PV and GM Byrnes of Texas sold 4 & 6 tooth crossbred bullocks off oats for 183.2c/kg, weighing 564kgs to return $1033.
  • PJ and GH Morrish of Goomburra sold 6 tooth Angus bullocks for 179.6c/kg, weighing 605kgs to return $1086.
  • MJ Baines of Felton topped the market with a Limousin cow that made 164.6c/kg, weighing 865kgs to return $1424.
  • Rod and Glenda Reeves "Wyuna" Liston sold a draft of Angus cows that sold for 155.6c/kg, weighing 649kgs to return $1009.
  • J and D McMeniman of Tenterfield sold a pen of Angus cows for 157.2c/kg, weighing 586kgs to return $922.
  • TJ, DM, CJ and JA Wren of Severnlea sold Santa/Angus cows for 157.2c/kg, weighing 665kgs to return $1045.
  • B and C Williamson of Ballandean sold Charolais cows for 156.6c/kg, weighing 705kgs to return $1104.
  • BR and ME Hardacre of Killarney sold a Santa/Limousin heifer that sold for 184.2c/kg, weighing 760kgs to return $1400.
  • The Hardacre Family also sold grain fed Charolais cross yearling steers for 192.2c/kg, weighing 505kgs to return $971.
  • SJ and JR Gill of Pilton sold quality Angus feeder steers for 200.2c/kg, weighing 327kgs to return $654.
  • Angus yearling heifers from Clifton sold for 210.2c/kg, weighing 340kgs to return $714.



  • A Limousin bull account John Brandon, Boomerang Park, from Yangan topped the sale averaging 940kg and selling for 178.2c/kg to return $1675.08.
  • Feeder Charolais steers account F Whitbread and Co weighed in at 320.8kg and sold for 196.6c/kg to return $630.76.
  • Santa yearling heifers from account Billabong Farms at Goomburra averaged 406.4kg and sold for 178.2c/kg to return $730.93.
  • Angus feeder steers account PJ and JM Fogarty from Clifton weighed in at 185kg and sold for 185c/kg to return $793.65.
  • Santa vealer heifers account Rangeview Pastoral Company from Blue Hills at Wildash averaged 229.3kg and sold for 204.2c/kg to make $468.20.
  • Charolais cross cows account J and H Ross from Killarney weighed in at 495kg and sold for 145.2c/kg to make $718.72.


  • Dorper suckers account R and R Hilton from Clovervale, Texas, weighed in at 45kg and topped the market selling for $100.
  • Crossbred lambs offered by account NH and BA Shatte of Dalveen averaged 49.3kg and sold for $85.
  • Crossbred lambs FJ Yeo from Waratah at Yelarbon weighed in at 61.7kg selling for $102.
  • Dorper cross sucker lambs account Oakey State School averaged 42.5kg and sold for $86.
  • Dorper cross sucker lambs offered by John Murphy from Dalby tipped the scales at 38kg and made $78.50.
  • Dorset sucker lambs account PR and WE Mouritz from Millmerran weighed 43kg and sold for $98.
  • Crossbred lambs account F Whitbread and Co from Dalveen averaged 54.8kg and sold for $88.
  • Crossbred woolly lambs offered by BJ, M, PJ and KE Hiscock from Montrose, Stanthorpe averaged 46.7kg and made $80.
  • Dorper cross sucker lambs offered by account Ben and Margot Cory, Vermont, and averaged 45.8kg and sold for $87.

McDougall & Sons


  • Boundary Farm, Clifton topped the bullock market with LimoX strs making 190.6/ 551kg/ $1050.00.
  • Dennis Middleton sold BrangusX strs 186.2/ 473kg/ $880.00 and 184.6/ 500kg/ $923.00.
  • Bob and Katrina Hemmings, Tannymorel sold AngusX strs 180.2/ 451kg/ $814.00.
  • SA Hoffman, Emu Vale sold LimoX hfrs off crop to a top of 191.2/ 360kg/ $688.00.
  • K & T Hobbs, Inglewood sold GF ylgs topping at 188.0/ 355kg/ $667.00.
  • Dorothy Christensen, Goomburra sold Santa vlrs off cows at 204.0/ 265kg/ $540.00.
  • N & B Mapes sold strs to feed lots 196.2/ 304kg/ $597.00.
  • Bill Keen, Inglewood trucked in Santa cows, they made 146.2/ 421kg/ $616.00 and a Brahman bull 169.2/ 790kg/ $1336.00.
  • Daryl Harm sold a hvy Chara cow 156.2/ 765kg/ $1195.00.
  • GB & DG Eastwell sold cull Friesan cows 133.2/ 738kg/ $983.00.



  • Mitchell Muller, Tanymorel sold DorperX suckers 45kg/ $91.00.
  • Greenup Partnership sold Dorset suckers 44kg/ $89.00 and 41kg/ $85.00.
  • Tom Cooper sold DorsetX suckers 46kg/ $89.00 and 45kg/ $91.00.
  • Stanthorpe High School sold light trade 38kg/ $70.00 and 34kg/ $72.00.
  • JG & EG Landers, Tenterfield consingned good framed stores weighing 42kg/ $48.00.
  • A line of DorperX hoggets from Goondiwindi sold in pen lots at 52kg/ $50.00; 50kg/ $50.00; 49kg/ $48.00.

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