Grainfed yearlings top 221c/kg at Warwick

HAVING A BROWSE: Douglas and Tara Fletcher, from Toowoomba, at the Warwick ewe sale at the weekend.
HAVING A BROWSE: Douglas and Tara Fletcher, from Toowoomba, at the Warwick ewe sale at the weekend. Georja Ryan

AT THIS week's Warwick cattle sale the Combined Livestock Selling agents yarded 892 head.

  • Strathane Pty Ltd of Ellangowan sold santa cows for 164.0c/kg, weighing 622kgs to return $1020.
  • CJ and GR Holmes of Allora sold charolais cross cows for 157.6c/kg, weighing 540kgs to return $851.
  • HM, DM, TM and JA O'Leary of Clifton sold hereford cows for 157.6c/kg, weighing 540kgs to return $851.
  • PR and SM Graham of Killarney sold charolais cross cows for 160.2c/kg, weighing 605kgs to return $969.
  • The Graham Family also sold Angus cross six-tooth bullocks for 181.2c/kg, weighing 660kgs to return $1196.
  • Hood Farming and Michael Boucher of Stanthorpe sold quality Angus cross vealer heifers to the butchers for 208.2c/kg, weighing 272kgs to return $566.
  • GJ and DD Holley of Tenterfield sold grain assisted Angus yearling steers for 201.2c/kg, weighing 345kgs to return $694.
  • The Holley Family also sold vealers for 205.0c/kg, weighing 275kgs to return $564.
  • KJ, BG and M Chorley of Tenterfield sold Angus vealer heifers for 205.2c/kg, weighing 277kgs to return $568.
  • Glen Fanning of Elbow Valley sold Angus cross vealer heifers for 203.2c/kg, weighing 315kgs to return $640.
  • J and D McMeniman of Tenterfield sold a line of 20 Angus cross weaner heifers for 200.2c/kg, weighing 245kgs to return $490.
  • Colinta Holdings of Allora sold charolais heifers for 185.2c/kg, weighing 493kgs to return $912.
  • W Frith of Dalveen sold a charolais bull to the works for 171.2c/kg, weighing 945kgs to return $1618.

McDougall and Sons


  • Tony and Scott Hurtz of Amosfield yarded some great new season lambs wt 47kg selling to T&R Pastoral for $105
  • David Turvey from Omeo at Thallon yarded 50kg lambs again to T&R Pastoral for $100.
  • Warwick State High School showed they know more than just education by presenting some heavy trade lambs selling for $109 to Toowoomba butcher Tony Supa Meats.
  • R and K Frost Farming of Yetman had some good trade dorper lambs selling to $106.5 at 45kg liveweight.
  • Max Biddle of Glen Aplin yarded the heaviest lambs to come off his property at 48 kg selling to T&R Pastoral for $100.
  • In the trade section Dumfries Grazing of Muckadilla yarded some very handy trade and feed on lambs selling from $49 to a top of $82.50 to local restockers and trade operators.
  • Eddie Nielsen of Millmerran bought his first new season lambs to market reaching $99 for his first cross lambs.
  • With all these lambs starting to make around the $100 mark it looks well for the rest of the season as long as the quality holds up.

The Aussie cricketers in India would like to be getting as many centuries as our lamb producers.


  • JH and CN Drewery from Allora sold a draft of grain fed limousin yearlings topping the market at 221.2c/kg and weighing in at 380kg to sell for $840 and 388kg heifers also selling for 212.2c/kg to realise $824.
  • A pen of heavier steers weighing 476kg from the same vendor made 202.2c/kg to return $963.
  • WR and WH Wickham from Karara sold top quality poll hereford steers tipping the scales at 320kg and selling to 214.2c/kg to make $685.
  • Kerryn Holloway from Pratten sold santa cross steers weighing 301kg to feedlots for 183.2c/kg to return $552.
  • SA and FH Thompson topped the cow market with 585kg females, which sold for 164.2c/kg to make $960.
  • DHJ Middleton sold brangus cows tipping the scales at 560kg for 147.2c/kg to return $824.
  • Glenrae Cattle Company offered aged cows, which the 450kg line sold to processors for 135.2c/kg to make $608 and a lighter 435kg line sold to 131.2c/kg to return $570.
  • B and G Thompson, Stanthorpe sold a heavy 805kg charalois bull for 175.2c/kg to make $1410.

MLA state-wide wrap

Flooding rain across parts of the state resulting in road closures severely impacted on supply. Numbers at physical markets covered by MLAs NLRS fell by 46% with the largest impact on supply occurring in the south-east corner of the state.

The Moreton sale was cancelled due to flooding in the local area, while Dalby experienced a 72% drop in numbers due to a number of road closures however supply at Longreach and the Roma prime sale remained close to the previous weeks levels.

The usual panel of export buyers was present and operating at most markets along with a fair number of feeder operators and restocker buyers.

Young cattle quality still plain.

There was a large variation in quality with a huge number of Brahman cross cattle from north-west Queensland and Northern Territory dominating the selling pens at the Roma store sale.

The standard of the small number of young cattle at markets on the downs was also mixed, while the short supply of heavy steers bullocks and cows was generally good.

Lack of supply helps prices lift.

A good selection of vealer heifers at Warwick experienced stronger competition from butchers and processors and average prices lifted by 16¢ to 199¢ with the occasional pen reaching 210.2¢/kg.

Lightweight yearling steers to restockers made to 222¢ in places with most of the better quality lines over 200¢/kg. A good sample of lightweight yearling heifers at Dalby improved by 12¢ to average 185¢ with sales to 191.2¢/kg.

Certified grainfed heavy steers to export slaughter at Dalby made to 192.2¢ while the bullock portion supplementary fed made to 189.2¢ with the remainder around 184¢/kg.

Full mouth bullocks supplementary fed also at Dalby averaged 181¢/kg. Good heavy cows at Roma prime sale found good competition and improved in value by 4¢ to 5¢ to average 154¢ with some to 165¢/kg.

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