Warwick region livestock sales

SALE TIME: Jackie Chard and Jim Wedge will offer 30 Angus bulls and 30 polled Charolais bulls aged from yearlings to two-year-olds at their annual on-property bull sale from 1pm this Friday at their North Toolburra property.
SALE TIME: Jackie Chard and Jim Wedge will offer 30 Angus bulls and 30 polled Charolais bulls aged from yearlings to two-year-olds at their annual on-property bull sale from 1pm this Friday at their North Toolburra property. Linda Mantova

MLA Warwick cattle sale wrap

THERE was another small reduction in numbers and all categories represented.

A good supply of cows was yarded, with fair numbers in all but well-finished vealers.

The quality offered was mixed, with good quality, well-finished cattle in all categories alongside the usual plainer quality and condition lots.

There was a small supply of crop and grain-finished cattle penned, however few of the grain cattle were from accredited feedlots.

The usual processors and feeders were in attendance.

There were varying trends through the grown cattle, however for the most part they were slightly cheaper.

Young cattle also saw trends vary and there was some quality-related price change.

The best of the vealers selling to local butchers were not as good quality as the top of the previous sale, however the average quality improved and along with it so did the average price.

The market trend was close to firm, taking quality into account.

The better quality light and medium weight yearling steers in the C2 class sold to a slightly dearer trend.

Heavy feeders remained firm. Medium-weight, lightly muscled steers to feed sold dearer for quality.

Well-finished trade yearling steers sold firm to slightly dearer, with some quality related price variation in heavyweights.

That trend flowed through to the three-score trade heifers with the lean two-scores also close to firm, with quality variations.

Heavy steers and bullocks sold to a slightly cheaper trend for the better quality lines, with the secondary lots showing a greater fall.

The best of the heavy cows sold to a cheaper trend with weaker demand.

The plainer condition medium weights to process sold to a dearer trend, averaging 8c/kg dearer, with some of that due to quality improvement.

McDougall and Sons


  • Alan and Vanessa Taylor from Tannymorel sold 595kg Angus cows for 134.2c/kg for $798.
  • Glen Moffatt from Emu Vale sold 473kg Brahman cows for 131.2c/kg for $621 and 482kg Shorthorn cross cows for 116.2c/kg to return $560.
  • Ken and Kerry Taylor from Emu Vale sold 573kg Charolais cross cows for 135.2c/kg to make $775 and 545kg Angus cows for 134c/kg to return $730.
  • AM Riddle from Clifton sold 537kg Santa cross cows for 128.2c/kg to make $690 and 581kg cows for 126.2c/kg to return $733.
  • SA and BM Christensen sold 703kg dairy culls for 105.c/kg for $739 and 597kg culls for 93.2c/kg for $557.
  • Peter Mutch sold 579kg Charolais cross steers off crop for 185c/kg to make $1054.
  • BJ and TJ McIvor sold 562kg Murray Grey steers for 182c/kg for $1023.
  • CJ and SK Schulz from Swan Creek offered 460kg grain-fed steers for 180c/kg to make $828 and 380kg heifers to a top of 185c/kg to return $703.
  • Lucas Wilson trucked 396kg Angus yearlings from Toobeah, the steers sold to local feedlots, with the lead pen returning 177.2c/kg to make $701.


  • Pegler Family Trust from Goondiwindi yarded 59kg lambs selling to Gillice Meats for $100.
  • Darcy and Mellissa Filmer also yarded some heavy trade lambs selling to Gillice Meats 50kg making $100.
  • Shelley Family Trust sold the day's top lambs with grainfed 60kg lambs making $117 to both Ashtons Butchery and TFI.
  • Graham Greenup again sold some new season lambs 43kg with Carey Bros snapping them up for $111.
  • Landers Family of Tenterfield sold shorn crop finished lambs 46kg to T.F.I. for $105 and 44kg to Westridge Meats for $100.
  • Stanthope High sold some good light suckers 43kg to Warwick Meats for $100.
  • Gerrard and Lynda Hemmings sold some good trade lambs off the Condamine River Lucerne with the 43kg selling to Westridge and Careys for $99 and46 kg to Hawthorne Partnership for $108.
  • Graham and Clare Angus again sold good trade lambs 45kg to Mc Mahon Bros for $98.50.
  • James McManus sold a pen of butterball suckers straight off the ewes 38.3kg to McMahon Bros for $84.
  • Ronny Shelley sold Lucerne fattened lambs 47.8kg to Gillice Meats for $105.50.
  • With the dry season impacting on the quality of the yarding, the gap is starting to appear where lambs need to show some finish to attract the competitive bidding growers like to see.



  • Billeroy Farms sold 522kg Droughtmaster cross steers for 176.2c/kg returning $1045.
  • JE and EL Carson sold 675kg Angus cross cows for 132.2c/kg returning $892.35.
  • TJ O'Leary sold 340kg Hereford feeder steers for 145.0c/kg returning $493.
  • J and DC Cowlishaw sold 547kg Hereford cows for 111.2c/kg returning $608.42.


  • BD and ME Cory sold 49.0kg crossbred lambs for $109.
  • CB Edmonstone sold 47.5kg Dorper lambs for $94.
  • Goldshark Pty Ltd sold 41.0kg Dorper lambs for $82.
  • AF and RF Sutton sold 46.6kg Dorper lambs for $75.
  • Hogarth Grazing Co sold 42kg Merino lambs for $52.
  • Warner Village sold 38.4kg Merino lambs for $49.
  • J and DC Cowlishaw sold Merino wethers for $32.
  • Roy Westaway sold Dorper ewes for $32.

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