Goats mauled to death by vicious wild dogs

Robert Pitts
Robert Pitts PaulBeutel

A BUCCA hobby farmer has been left devastated following a vicious wild dog attack which killed three of his six goats, including one female due to give birth to twin kids this week.

Robert Pitts said he was woken by a noise shortly after 8am yesterday morning, and at first he thought it was the female goat going into labour.

But the scene that confronted Mr Pitts was far more disturbing, as he watched five wild dogs flee his 2ha property, jumping a 1.3m fence.

We've got a 1.3m fence with barbed wire at the top and the dogs went straight over the top of it.

"They'd killed three of our goats and mauled another two," he said.

"It's just devastating.

"It's school holidays at the moment and there are children around - imagine if it had of been a kid or an elderly lady."

Mr Pitts described the pack of dogs as working farm dogs, four of which were black and a fifth red in colour.

He said he and his wife wouldn't replace the goats, fearing it could happen again.

"We don't have children and our animals are like our kids, they are part of the family," he said.

Mr Pitts said he hadn't had any problems with wild dogs since August last year, and he was at a loss to think of ways to protect the three goats he had left.

"We've got a 1.3m fence with barbed wire at the top and the dogs went straight over the top of it," he said.

"I don't have a firearm and I don't know what else I can do."

Mr Pitt said he contacted Bundaberg Regional Council immediately and was impressed by its response time.

He said he hoped they could catch the dogs before they caused any further harm.

"The council officer will be bringing out a trap as he believes the dogs could still be in the area and they will come back," he said.

A council spokesman confirmed an officer responded to the call and planned to return to the property last night to lay traps.

"When the officer arrived yesterday morning he was unable to find any trace of the animals," he said.

"There have also been reports of dog attacks in this area in the past."

The spokesman urged anyone with information about wild dog attacks to report any incidents to the council immediately.

"Wild dogs can be bold and will venture into residential properties so we need to catch them as soon as possible," he said.

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