From plate to paddock, there is much to learn

LIP SERVICE: Fancy takes a liking to Grace at Bos Park in the Mary Valley.
LIP SERVICE: Fancy takes a liking to Grace at Bos Park in the Mary Valley. Contributed

THE farm gates are open to anyone keen for an inside look at the beef farming industry at Langshaw's The Bull Shop.

You've heard of paddock to plate, well, for two hours every Saturday morning, a new Mary Valley tour is taking the plate to the paddock.

In a first-of-its-kind open farm gate tour, The Bull Shop offers a unique look into life on a stud beef, bull breeding operation.

Matt and Sally Bekker and their two young daughters run Bos Park, a Droughtmaster bull breeding operation in the picturesque Mary Valley.

The family sells breeding bulls into the station country of central Australia.

It's an important job to have considering Australians eat 33 kilograms of beef each a year.

However, 45% of people have never set foot on a farm.

Sally said there was a clear disconnect between the producer and consumer.

"We can't expect the general public to understand our industry if they have never experienced life on a modern farm," Matt said.

The tour includes an introduction to beef cattle history by the Bekker family over billy tea and damper.

Visitors of all ages will enjoy fun cattle facts and can handle some of the unique tools of the trade, such as branding irons and bull nose rings. The highlight is hand-feeding the cows and bulls of the cattle breeding team, learning what it takes to breed a competition-standard bull and hearing about their quirky natures.

The tour finishes with a steak cooking class and sampling of a gourmet steak burger.

The $7.4 billion Australian beef industry is one that consistently punches above its weight. In the 1950s one farmer fed 30 people. Today, every Australian farmer feeds 600 people, with 450 of them overseas.

Matt said he was proud to be a small part of an innovative sector that produces beef from 47.5% of land too arid for any other type of agriculture.

The Bull Shop
685 Eel Creek Road
Langshaw QLD 4570

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