Don't use phone when you're on a horse or mobility scooter

DESPITE persistent warnings, Fraser Coast drivers are continuing to risk their lives and put other road users in danger by using their mobile phones.

Driver distraction is one of the key causes for road crashes.

The Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety estimated mobile phone use, whether hands-free or not, made the person four times more likely to have a serious crash resulting in a trip to hospital.

The offence includes holding the phone in your hand, having it near your ear, taking a photo, turning it on or off, sending, receiving or reading a text message or any other use including map apps.

A Queensland Police spokesman said investigators frequently looked for the placement of mobile phones after serious crashes.

He said using a mobile phone provided a visual, physical and cognitive distraction for drivers and delayed reaction times.

"Using your phone, even when stopped at traffic lights, carries a $300 fine and three demerit points," he said.

The most common types of crashes associated with mobile phone usage were running off the road and rear-end crashes.

"For the safety of all, we ask that drivers make the responsible decision not to use their phone when they're in the driver's seat," the police said.

You may be fined if...

  • You use the phone while riding a horse on the road
  • You use the phone while riding a mobility scooter
  • You talk while a phone is in your hand
  • You answer the phone while you're stopped at traffic lights
  • You hold a phone while driving
  • You take a call while riding a mobility scooter
  • You check emails, text, Facebook or any app

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