Fox on the run, better run and hide yourself away

THE local cane cockies always got together to help each other out with the pre-harvest burn.

But this time there was a little more at stake. Armed with shotguns, they formed a posse and were going to rid the local cane fields of some of the numerous foxes that had taken up residence. Some enlisted the help of their cattle dogs.

They knew from experience that once the fire took hold, the foxes would take off in all directions.

This time they were going to be ready. The light from the fire would be enough to get a proper sight on them.

There was a brief meeting (that may or may not have considered safety) before they decided it was time to get going.

As the fire took hold, some of the more skittish dogs became agitated and started running around the perimeter.

Seconds later, BOOM and a farmer yells with a slow Aussie drawl: "Got him first shot."

He did, but it was not a fox. It was his neighbour's kelpie.

After that, fox hunting was confined to daylight hours.

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