Flood packs one final pig punch

AS DAIRY farmers, we had really been hit for six by the most devastating flood we had experienced.

When we bought our refrigerated vat we were told that if we lifted the motor and filled the vat with water, it would be perfectly safe from the effects of the flood water.

Not so!

The flood of 1974 was so severe the vat, filled to the rim with water, floated to the ceiling of the dairy and knocked a hole in it.

With no way of keeping the milk cold, we decided to separate the milk, sending the cream with a neighbour's supply and feeding the skim milk to some pigs.

We had no experience with these animals, but things seemed to be going okay until one of the sows came into season.

You've heard of "the reluctant bride", well, I think she must have got her education and her ideas from this sow.

When the boar came near, she backed herself into a corner and squealed.

He found it impossible to have his wilful way with her.

We were so worried by the squealing and grunting that was taking place we rigged a spotlight on to the sty so we could observe the proceedings from the house - the original Peeping Tom had nothing on us.

But there was nothing to see.

That sow remained pure all her life and had to be sold for meat.

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