Central Queensland cattle sales

ANY BIDDERS?: Agents sell off a pen of cattle at CQLX Gracemere.
ANY BIDDERS?: Agents sell off a pen of cattle at CQLX Gracemere. Kathleen Calderwood


VALUES for prime cattle generally increased by 10c/kg with some exceptional bullocks on offer at the combined sale at Emerald last Thursday.

Numbers increased slightly to 1250 head.

Feeder cattle sold to a dearer trend, while steers and heifers to the paddock sold mostly to improved rates while a few lines of plainer-quality store stock bucked the positive trend to ease slightly.

In the prime section, bullocks over 550kg sold to 188c/kg and averaged 182c/kg, a lift of 10 cents; heavy steers 500-550kg made to 173c/kg to average 160c/kg; heavy heifers over 400kg sold to 165c/kg and averaged 148c/kg; heavy cows over 520kg made to 157c/kg for a single pen of euro cows and averaged 145c/kg; cows 400-520kg sold to 145c/kg and averaged 128c/kg; while heavy bulls over 600kg peaked at 150c/kg for a good average of 131c/kg, six cents better than the previous week.

In the stores, heavy feeder steers 400-500kg sold to 168c/kg to average 150c/kg; 320-400kg steers topped at 167c/kg and averaged 154c/kg; 220-320kg steers made to 168c/kg to average 155c/kg; while light steers sold to 163c/kg.

Feeder heifers 300-400kg made to 145c/kg to average 139c/kg; 220-300kg heifers also topped at 141c/kg for an average of 133c/kg; while light heifers under 220kg sold to 136c/kg.

Sale highlights

  • Thursday, October 17. Yarding: 1250.
  • Lyn Sypher, West Park, Emerald consigned droughtmaster-cross bullocks to 181.2c/kg, to weigh 589kg and return $1067 a head
  • The Daniels Family, Stonybrook, Springsure offered santa-cross bullocks to top 188.2c/kg, to weigh 693kg and return $1304
  • The Prince Family, Melaleuca, Capella sold droughtmaster-cross bullocks to 186.2c/kg, weighing 615kg to return $1145
  • Ed & Donna Harvey, Butha, Willow Gemfields offered droughtmaster cross bullocks to 186.2c/kg, for 688kg and $1282
  • The Christmas Family, Gibson Downs, Capella sold droughtmaster-cross bullocks to top 186.2c/kg and weigh 557kg, to return $1038
  • The Hamblin Family, Doris Park, Emerald offered a draft of crossbred steers to make to 156.2c/kg for 427kg, returning $667
  • The Randell Family, Crinum, Tieri consigned red brahman heifers to make to 128c/kg, for 383kg and $490
  • Mike & Vicki Donovan, Coolibah, Capella sold charolais-cross heifers to make to 153.2c/kg, to weigh 483kg and return $739
  • The Esmond Family, Lucknow, Emerald offered euro-cross cows to make as much as 149.2c/kg, to weigh 497kg and return $742
  • Steven & Alison Kajewski, Bettafield, Gindie sold charolais cows for 157c/kg, to return $1118
  • Andrew & Angela Schwarz, Juanita, Springsure sold charolais steers for 168c/kg, weighing 513kg for $862. Their heifers also made 164c/kg for 472kg, returning $774


GOOD line of heavy bullocks met with strong competition at CQLX Gracemere last Friday, while cows and feeder steers were also stronger.

The weaner steers and weaner heifers also firmed a shade on the previous week's rates.

A yarding of 1758 head came to hand, comprising 778 steers, 775 heifers, 84 cows, 128 cows and calves and 13 bulls.

Steers to 200kg averaged 117c/kg or $200 a head, 200-300kg steers averaged 131c/kg or $326 and 301-400kg averaged 142c/kg or $491 .

Steers 401-500kg averaged 150c/kg or $671 , while those over 500kg averaged 175c/kg or $1002, reaching a top of $1321.

Heifers to 200kg averaged 111c/kg or $188 a head, 200-300kg heifers averaged 121c/kg or $303, while 301-400kg heifers averaged 131c/kg or $429.

Heifers over 400kg averaged 111c/kg or $476, reaching a maximum of $699.

Cows and calves averaged $688 and reached a maximum of $745.

Cows 320-400kg averaged 87c/kg or $316, 401-450kg averaged 91c/kg or $377, while those over 450kg averaged 133c/kg or $690, reaching a maximum of $830.

Bulls to 450kg averaged 117c/kg or $405. There was one bull in the 450-600kg range which made 100c/kg or $595, while bulls over 600kg averaged 123c/kg or $916, reaching a maximum of $1143.

CQLX Sale Highlights

Friday, October 18. Yarding: 1758.

  • Don & Jackie Edmistone & Family, Dingo sold santa droughtmaster- cross feeder steers to top at 163c/kg, weighing 454kg to return $741 a head
  • Mark & Nicola Hetherington, Baralaba sold santa steers to top at 186c/kg, weighing 565kg to return $1052
  • Noel Taylor, Thangool sold charbray feeder steers to top at 160c/kg, weighing 431kg to return $691
  • Collaroy Grazing Company, St Lawrence sold brahman cows and calves to top at $721
  • Norma Galvin, Bajool sold a run of droughtmaster feeder steers to top at 149c/kg, weighing 412kg to return $616


PROCESSORS bought quality prime cattle to higher rates at Monto's fortnightly fat and store sale last Wednesday.

Bullocks rose by up to 15c/kg live weight, to reach 184.2c/kg. Store cattle remained tougher to shift but heifers are slowly seeing slight gains.

While small, isolated falls of rain in the Monto area of 5mm up to one inch are welcome, much more is needed to help the store market rise.

Bulls sold from 105-156c/kg, topping at $1554. Boner cows sold from 65c-$1/kg.

Monto Sale Highlights

Wednesday, October 16.

  • Rob & Karen Staines sold senepol cross steers 570kg to 184.2c/kg, returning $1054 a head
  • Alan & Rhonda Price, Quambi, Bancroft penned a run of quality brangus bullocks, which sold to 184.2c/kg and averaged 179.5c/kg or $1145
  • Brett Graving sold braford bullocks 578kg to 179c/kg or $1035 and red brangus bullocks 569kg to 174c/kg or $990
  • Timben Waters sold 510kg charbray cows for 137c/kg or $702
  • Peter Birchley sold brahman cows 480kg to 128c/kg or $615
  • James A Sinclair sold santa trade heifers 447kg to 156c/kg or $700
  • Alan & Helen Clifford sold angus-cross heifers 395kg to $577 or 146c/kg
  • JW&SN Swift sold quality droughtmaster steers 363kg to 158c/kg or $575. The Swifts also penned quality droughtmaster heifers to return 140c/kg or $438
  • John Cahalane, Mungungo penned charbray-cross weaner steers 278kg for 159c/kg or $443
  • JP&RP Moran sold 190kg brangus-cross weaner steers for 156c/kg or $300
  • Bayly Grazing, Thangool sold brangus-cross weaners steers 188kg for 160c/kg or $301. Brangus cross weaner steers from Builyan sold to 158c/kg or $290. Bayly Grazing's 170kg charbray weaner heifers sold to 125c/kg or $210
  • Neville & Jenny Keitley sold charbray and brahman cross No.2 heifers from 139-142.2c/kg, topping at $510
  • BD&EM Power sold santa weaner heifers 195kg for 138c/kg or $270

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