When the kids opt not to come home to the family farm...

IT'S been the Ferguson family home since 1937, but it won't be for much longer.

With mixed emotions, Sue and Dick Ferguson are selling their 44,500ha property about 45km north-west of Jericho in Central Queensland.

After many family discussions, it has been decided that none of their four children will be taking over the commercial cattle property that their great-grandfather purchased 77 years ago.

"We've had many family discussions over recent years about what direction the kids want to go," Sue said.

The realisation is our kids don't want to come home and work it (the property), we respect that.

"The realisation is our kids don't want to come home to work it, we respect that.

"It's not easy … (but) you cannot put square pegs in round holes.

"This is their home and they love it, but it's also a business and it has to be run like a business."

The Fergusons own two adjoining properties, Garfield and Hollywood, which they will be selling separately.

Garfield is primarily a breeding property while Hollywood is suited to fattening annual turn-off.

Dick's grandfather bought the property in 1937, and Dick has owned it since the 60s.

Sue grew up around Brisbane but moved to Garfield after they married in 1988, a transition she said she never struggled with.

The Fergusons will be trading normally until the sale in July, grass feeding mixed cattle on both blocks. They go direct to the meatworks when they can, but occasionally go through a saleyard or a feedlot.

"We have been again very lucky this year and are very happy with prices for fat cattle we're received," Sue said.

"We were very fortunate last year, Garfield was very well watered so we came through the drought last year with cattle really fattened on the rain we got at the beginning of the year."

The average rainfall on the property is about 500mm a year.

Sue said it was a family decision to sell and there was no pressure.

"Like anybody who retires, it will be a big period of adjustment," she said.

They're planning to move to a small acreage outside Brisbane. The properties go to auction at 11am on July 2 at the Gracemere Saleyards.

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