Growers spill the beans on how they make farming work

Frank Boyle of Nimbin Valley Pecans and Rice
Frank Boyle of Nimbin Valley Pecans and Rice Jay Cronan

THE Northern Rivers Food group is hosting a special event on Monday called From the Paddock to the Plate.

It is an opportunity to hear from some of the region's most passionate and innovative growers.

They will share stories of how they started their operations, how they thrived, why they thrived and how they enabled produce from their paddocks to reach your plates.

So if you've ever wondered how fresh produce finds its way from the soil to a market stall or retail outlet shelf, this event is a must.

Learn how vegetables, fruit, meat and condiments get from the farm to your kitchen table. Discover how a raw bean becomes a delicious cup of coffee.

At this event, five growers from across the Northern Rivers will share their stories.

They include Rebecca Zentveld from Zentveld's Coffee; Kerry Wilson from Nimbin Valley Dairy; Frank Boyle from Nimbin Valley Pecans and Rice; Donna Harper from The Witches Broom Stick; and Damien Dougherty from Bangalow Sweet Pork.

There is something for everyone at this session, whether you're a grower or plan to become one.

It will also be good for people involved in any business in the food chain, or for those who just love learning about food and its origins.

Tips will include: value-adding to yield higher returns; choosing a distribution system; determining the optimum scale of operations and managing the unknown variables of weather, pests and market prices.

The session will be held on Monday from 4.30pm at the Eltham Hotel, cost $10.

Bookings are essential, so email Phil Coram at

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