Farmers set up for dry season

CENTRAL Queenslanders will be sure to be getting their feet wet again this summer, but at least this time it won't be from a flood.

With forecasters predicting a hot and stormy summer we will be doing everything we can to keep cool, be it heading to the beach, the local pool or just the sprinkler in the back yard.

Rockhampton is facing 40 degree temperatures next week, and the Bureau of Meteorology predicts CQ will attract warmer than average temperatures through to March.

But following that are predictions for a very dry winter.

While that might be good news for some, it means planning ahead for farmers in the region.

Grazier Jim Besley (pictured) said with the predicted dry he would look at reducing stock numbers well in advance.

"We will lighten off our cattle so we will have feed left for them in the winter," Jim said.

"There is nothing more disheartening than wondering how you are going to feed your stock."

The Barmoya-based landholder admits because he had mostly high country he would much prefer flood to a drought.

"Floods don't affect me, I just have the fences to fix afterwards."

And with some farmers already struggling from lack of rain, Jim said plenty were looking to the skies in the hope of a decent downpour over summer.

"A good shower of rain and green grass makes everyone feel better."

See National News, p19.

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