Wild dog campaign at Karara

SHEEP KILLER: The mouth of the dingo-cross feral dog.
SHEEP KILLER: The mouth of the dingo-cross feral dog.

LESS sheep will be killed or maimed on Ian Cullen's property at Karara after a dingo drive there the Sunday before last.

One large black and tan wild dog was killed and another was seen running back into thick scrub and undergrowth after 35 shooters and 24 beaters took part in the drive.

Mr Cullen has been struggling with wild dog attacks on his sheep for some years and eventually fenced his Rockdale property with 23km of dog-proof netting and electric fencing, replacing a fence built by his grandfather about 100 years ago.

"But we fenced in what I thought was only one dog and found out today there is another one still on the loose," he said.

Continuous trapping and baiting has so far provided little relief for the Karara wool producer and the dingo drive was seen as another way of ridding the feral problem.

"I'll keep on trapping and baiting to see if we can get this other dog and if not, we'll arrange another dingo drive," Mr Cullen said.

"Had we not seen the second dog, I would have been really perplexed to find more sheep attacked and thinking we'd killed the problem dog. I expect more attacks from this second dog until we get him, and we will get him sooner or later."

Shooters came from throughout the region to take part in the dingo drive, a number from the Warwick area, Millmerran and further west.

"People with properties and livestock realise how bad the feral dog problem is right throughout the region and are willing to give their time and experience to help rid us of these pests," Mr Cullen said.

"However, there were people here who have no livestock of their own but appreciate the problem and we're very thankful for their assistance too.

"The dog problem is increasing year after year and we need to co-ordinate drives like this with baiting and trapping across the whole region.

"There is another baiting program in mid-to-late August and I would urge all landowners to become involved."