Factory farm snub as council plans for future

FANCY FREE: The Noosa Council wants to encourage sustainable farming.
FANCY FREE: The Noosa Council wants to encourage sustainable farming. Peter gardiner

NOOSA Council has sent a clear message to the State Government it does not wish to see "factory farms" in rural areas and hopes that its stance is adopted state-wide.

Councillor Brian Stockwell at Thursday night's ordinary meeting won support for a draft state planning policy submission from the council calling for protection for sustainable agriculture in the right location.

He does not want to see a policy which protects all forms of agriculture including "hard to locate intensive agricultural land uses regardless of their impacts."

Cr Stockwell said intensive agriculture was "a form of factory farming" more suited to being housed in industrial estates.

"The submission we're making is that the State Government should be promoting all sustainable agriculture and only intensive animal farming when in the right place where they don't create unacceptable hazards to the community," he said.

He said it was important that this factory farming "doesn't create a negative impact to the economy in another way."

"There is a tendency for the government to be industry protectionist in this regard rather than looking at the welfare of the whole community," he said.

"Our new ag-land planning study identifies that we believe it is more akin to factory farming and not something we would like to see in this community at all.

"We have made suggestion they should be industry zoned.

"In my view intensive meat chicken production in factory farms does not meet the criteria for sustainability and is not a form of economic growth consistent with planning priorities of peri-urban shires such as Noosa."

Cr Frank Pardon said the council should put out guidelines in future to people who purchase rural land about what they might expect to encounter.

He said this included activities like piggeries and cattle farming, weed spraying, logging, ploughing and harvesting.

"I just think down the track council may be able to distribute (this) to people who are purchasing in the shire just to give them a bit of a heads up," Cr Pardon said.

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