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EnviroVeg farming app

TECH savvy farmers will be able to grab their phones and tablets to acess the new EnviroVeg smartphone app to help them manage their land sustainably.

The EnviroVeg App, free to download on the Apple App Store, was developed as part of the EnviroVeg Program to allow farmers to record data such as chemical application schedules and environmental plans on their smartphone while out on their property.

AUSVEG is the leading voice for Australian horticulture and Peak Industry Body for the vegetable and potato industry, representing 9000 growers Australia-wide.

Minister Hunt officially launched the application at an event held at prominent Victorian vegetable growing operation and member of the EnviroVeg program, Gazzola Farms. The EnviroVeg App is the first comprehensive environmental management application developed for Australian farmers and aims to help them put plans in place to monitor areas such as energy and water use.

"The EnviroVeg Program is a great example of the vegetable industry taking action to support farmers with the environmental management of their farms," said Minister Hunt.

The EnviroVeg Program has more than 400 members, representing more than 50 per cent of Australia's vegetable growing land.

"Our farmers play a significant role in environmental stewardship across Australia and access to the EnviroVeg App helps to make our growers more environmentally friendly. The app also helps farmers improve their bottom line by managing key environmental data like fertiliser records, water and energy management plans and monitoring pest and disease," said Minister Hunt.

AUSVEG chief executive officer Richard Mulcahy said the Australian vegetable industry is well ahead of other agricultural industries by having a comprehensive environmental program in place.

He said the plan demonstrated a commitment to good stewardship and responsibility in farming.

"With over half of Australia's vegetable producing land covered by the EnviroVeg Program, we have set a benchmark for other industries to aspire to," Mr Mulcahy said. The EnviroVeg App is now available on the Apple iTunes store at .com. For further information on the EnviroVeg Program visit

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