Emerald cattle sale returns generally easier

PRICES were mostly easier as a larger yarding of 2316 head was offered at last week's Emerald sale.

  • Bullocks over 550kg topped at 171c/kg, to average 166c/kg, firm.
  • Steers 500-550kg peaked at 165c/kg, to average 157c/kg, a loss of 12 cents.
  • Steers 400-500kg sold to 176c/kg, to average 150c/kg, also a loss of 12 cents.
  • Steers 320-400kg reached 197c/kg, to average 166c/kg, a loss of three cents. Steers 220-320kg reached 207c/kg, to average 184c/kg, to be firm.
  • Light steers under 220kg sold to 205c/kg, to average 182c/kg, a loss of two cents.
  • Meatworks cows and heifers saw losses across the board, to see cows over 520kg to 138c/kg, to average 132c/kg.
  • Medium weight cows 400-520kg averaged 128c/kg.
  • Prime heifers made to 160c/kg, to average 150c/kg.
  • Heifers 300-400kg topped at 159c/kg, to average 138c/kg. Heifers 220-300kg reached 193c/kg, to average 150c/kg, while light heifers up to 220kg sold to reach 164c/kg and average 143c/kg.

Emerald Sale Highlights

  • Thursday, November 22. Yarding: 2316.
  • John & Mary Ranclaud, Acacia, Emerald, sold santa steers to top the sale at 207.2c/kg and weigh 246kg, to gross $510
  • George, Marie & Steve Saunders, Medway Park, Bogantungan, sold a quality draft of charbray/droughtmaster brahman cross weaner steers to top the sale at 205.2c/kg, with the lead pen weighing 268kg and returning $551
  • Colin & Trina Hay, Green Valley, Bogantungan, sold quality brangus weaner steers to top the sale at 206.2c/kg and weigh 235kg, to return $485
  • Chris Priddle, Adair, Rolleston, sold droughtmaster cross steers to 189.2c/kg, to weigh 301kg and gross $570
  • Charles & Mary Tyson, Hawthorne, Springsure, sold drought- master cross heifers to 154.2c/kg, to weigh 284kg for $438
  • Rob & Candy Cross, Fermanagh, Anakie, sold quality santa weaner steers weighing 321kg to make 197.2c/kg, to return $634; they also sold quality prime brahman cross heifers weighing 497kg to make 153.2c/kg and return $762
  • Murray & Maria Brimblecombe, Mt Lowe, Capella, sold quality charolais/droughtmaster cross weaner steers at 309kg to average 194.2c/kg and top at 201.2c/kg, to return $601
  • Dick, Jenny & Will Jansen, Riverview, Alpha, sold a run of char cross weaner steers to 207c/kg at 257kg to return $533; the heifer portion made to 167c/kg, weighing 248kg for $414
  • CF Flohr, Chasford, Clermont, sold santa weaners, the steers making 201c/kg, weighing 255kg for $514; his heifers made to 167c/kg, weighing 258kg for $432
  • Richard & Robyn Daniels, Plainfields, Gindie, sold santa cows to 131c/kg, weighing 615kg for $808
  • Bar H Grazing, River-Lea, Comet, sold good quality brangus steers for 200.2c/kg, for 269kg to return $539
  • Jellinbah Pastoral Co, Cotherstone, Dysart, sold brahman cross steers for 179.2c/kg, to weigh 353kg for $633.32
  • Hiddenvale Pastoral Co, Hiddenvale, Anakie, sold quality brahman euro cross weaner steers for 204.2c/kg, to weigh 235kg and return $479.87
  • Ed & Donna Harvey, Butha, The Willows, offered 669kg droughtmaster cross bullocks to make 170.2c/kg and $1139
  • The Esmond Family, Lucknow, Capella, had their santa/euro cross bullocks reach 165.2c/kg for 604kg and $998
  • Ken & Evelyn O'Brien, Myrtle Park, Comet, had their 696kg santa cows reach 138c/kg and $961
  • Don & Kay Gordon, Spring Creek, Alpha, sold their 592kg red brangus cows to 133.2c/kg and $789
  • Alan & Anne Wells & Family, Malthoid, Capella, offered a line of large-frame droughtmaster/brahman cross cows with calves at foot to make $905

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