Dry weather takes toll at Gracemere

There were 2581 cattle yarded at Gracemere on November 11.
There were 2581 cattle yarded at Gracemere on November 11. Dave Noonan

A YARDING of 2581 cattle came to hand at Gracemere Sale on November 11 comprising 1032 steers, 504 cows, 970 heifers, 21 cows and calves and 50 bulls.

The market for prime cattle eased a shade while the store cattle also felt the effects of the dry weather and eased.

Feeder steers were cheaper while the better quality weaner steers still sold well.

Steers to the slaughter topped 280c/kg to average 265c/kg while seeing a drop in the market, while steers 400-500kg topped 320c/kg, averaging 292c/kg.

Steers 300-400kg topped 376c/kg to average 298c/kg, while steers 200-300kg topped 394c/kg to average 347c/kg.

Steers under 200kg topped 410c/kg to average 388c/kg.

Cows to the slaughter topped 271c/kg to average 231c/kg, with cows 400-450kg topping 248c/kg, averaging 211c/kg, while seeing a slight drop in the market.

Cows in the 320-400kg range topped 232c/kg to average 177c/kg, with smaller cows topping 240c/kg, averaging 169c/kg.

Heavy heifers topped 317c/kg to average 282c/kg, with heifers 300-400kg topping 330c/kg, averaging 276c/kg.

Heifers 200-300kg topped 349c/kg to average 294c/kg while heifers under 200kg topped 340c/kg to average 287c/kg.

Cows and calves topped $1300 per unit to average $979.

Bulls over 600kg topped 237c/kg to average 217c/kg while bulls 450-600kg topped 266c/kg to average 231c/kg.

Smaller bulls topped 370c/kg, averaging 273c/kg.


Mike and Gail Hanrahan - sold brahman X bullocks to top at 280c/kg, weighing 628kg to return $1761 per head.

Chris Fenech, Wowan - sold brahman feeder steers to top at 318c/kg, weighing 430kg to return $1368 per head.

Lex Williams, Kabra - sold droughtmaster weaner steers to top at 362c/kg, weighing 306kg to return $1108 per head.

Graham Clements, St Lawrence - sold brahman weaner steers to top at 394c/kg, weighing 254kg to return $940 per head.

Streeter Family, Calliope - sold brahman X weaner steers to top at 392c/kg, weighing 216kg to return $847 per head.

JP Coughlan, Belgree, Calliope - sold a run of 80 brahman X steers to top at 410c/kg, weighing 198kg to return $762 per head.

John Hills and Family - sold prime heifers to top at 271c/kg, weighing 529kg to return $1436 per head.

Purnell Grazing, Alton Downs - sold No.5 droughtmaster heifers to top at 310c/kg, weighing 405kg to return $1256 per head.

N and G Connor, of Wycarbah - sold droughtmaster X heifers to top at 340c/kg, weighing 271kg to return $921 per head.

Joan Purdie - sold droughtmaster X cows to top at 241c/kg, weighing 602kg to return $1453 per head.