Dry weather, high yardings

Gracemere saleyards.
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WITH dry conditions across most of Queensland, the Gracemere saleyards are experiencing high yardings.

Last Friday, a yarding of 4284 head was on offer at the Gracemere Sale, comprising 1786 steers, 1793 heifers, 452 cows, 152 cows and calves and 57 bulls.

The majority of the cattle were from local areas, with some coming from Eidsvold in the south to Cloncurry in the north and most points in between.

Overall the quality and condition of the cattle yarded was good, with very few drought-affected lines on offer.

Still, competition was limited from the buying gallery due to the dry conditions, therefore the market eased across all descriptions.

Steers to slaughter topped 292.2c/kg to average 262.6c/kg, which saw a significant drop in the market. While steers 400 to 500kg topped 297.2c/kg to average 279.2c/kg.

Steers 300 to 400kg topped 358.2c/kg to average 291.1c/kg whereas steers 200 to 300kg topped an amazing 500.c/kg to average 315.4c/kg.

Cows to slaughter topped 258.2c/kg to average 218.2c/kg while cows 400 to 450kg topped 249.2c/kg to average 224.1c/kg.

Cows 320 to 400kg topped 259.2c/kg to average 197.8c/kg.

Heavy heifers topped 277.2c/kg to average 255.6c/kg. Heifers 300 to 400kg topped 280.2c/kg to average 260.3c/kg.

Heifers 200 to 300kg topped 304.3c/kg to average 260.9c/kg. Heifers under 200kg topped 300.2c/kg to average 312.7c/kg.

Cows and calves topped $1550 per unit to average $1095.

Bulls over 600kg topped 229.2c/kg to average 218.1c/kg. Bulls 450kg to 600kg topped 250.2c/kg to average 208.9c/kg.

Smaller bulls topped 272.2 c/kg to average 203.3 c/kg.



A.W. Takashige, Taroom - Sold EU, No.6, braham cross heifers for a top of 304.2c/kg to av. 243kg to return $869

Creed Grazing Co, Raglan - Sold EU, No.5 brahman heifers too average 258c/kg for 352kg to return $910 per head.

Charelvue Cattle Co, Dingo - Sold No.6 brangus steers for 358c/kg for average weight of 326kg to return $1170.

Montrose Grazing Co, Marlborough - Sold No.5 brahman steers for 302c/kg weighing 360kg to return $1087.

EM & RF Bella, Nebo - Sold brangus steers for 320c/kg weighing 319kg returning $1021.

Bezuma Past Co - Sold a run of brahman cross steers to top 288c/kg to average 455kg for a return of $1242 per head.

Alchera Pty Ltd, Baralaba - Sold droughtmaster cows and calves for $1500/unit

Kenwill Holdings, Stanage Bay- Sold No.5 brangus cross steers for 294c/kg weighing 421kg returning $1240.

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