‘Do nothing’ approach may see grain farmers lose out on prices

AS anticipation grows for what will be some farmers' first harvest in three years, Partners in Grain is heading out to deliver its annual grain marketing forums.

Lachstock Consulting managing director Lachie Stevens said as conditions remained favourable and the market offered up some good prices for grain and chickpeas, the mood had lifted.

"The current market volatility and moisture events are providing some good opportunities for grain growers to lock in prices at above budget targets," Mr Stevens said.

"As always, there is a risk of missing out for those growers with a 'do nothing' approach.

This year's forums will involve the return of Mr Stevens, who will offer grain growers an insight into the current market and provide key marketing strategies which grain growers can employ.

"I encourage growers to get into the market with a disciplined approach," he said.

"Use volatility to your advantage and hit the market when it hits your targets.

"The foundation of a strong marketing plan is knowing your business and its profitability levels, creating your breakeven price based on average yields."

The grain marketing forums will provide growers with a unique opportunity to hear from a number of grain buyers in a dynamic panel discussion, including ADM, PentAG Nidera, Glencore, Graincorp, Emerald Grains and Maurianz.

Farmers will also be able to get an update on any new product offerings being launched by the major grain buyers and access one-on-one discussion with key buyers and industry advisors.

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