Daylight debate doesn’t rate, says MP Bill Byrne

Member for Rockhampton Bill Byrne.
Member for Rockhampton Bill Byrne.

BILL Byrne reckons daylight saving is not a priority for his constituents.

The Member for Rockhampton said yesterday not one person had raised the issue with him in his two years in office.

"I believe that people are more concerned about business confidence, jobs for their kids, their own employment long-term," Mr Byrne said.

"They come to me about serious, immediate, problematic issues. Daylight saving has not been among them. I don't believe it is in the top 10 priorities of my constituents."

His comments follow a renewed push to have daylight saving introduced in Queensland.

Organisers of an e-petition to the Queensland Parliament, which seeks a public education campaign followed by a trial and then a public vote, hope to attract 100,000 signatures by March.

Mr Byrne said daylight saving was a divisive subject in all sectors of the community.

He stands opposed to it, based on his personal experience as a family man with young children living in the Hunter Valley.

He remembered it was difficult to get the children to sleep at a reasonable hour, particularly when it was extremely hot and the sun was still up.

"I don't think that daylight saving is a good thing for families when young children have to be in established routines," Mr Byrne said.

"I understand the other side of the argument.

"There are implications of being on a different time zone, I'm not questioning that.

"But Queensland has maintained a fairly robust and prosperous lifestyle for all, without having to introduce daylight saving," he said.

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