CQ MARKETS: Quality yardings across the region

SALE WRAP UP: Quality livestock was on offer throughout the region.
SALE WRAP UP: Quality livestock was on offer throughout the region. Geordi Offord

Charters Towers

FOLLOWING some well-received and widespread rainfall across much of the north and west in the past couple of weeks, Charters Towers combined selling agents yarded 1124 head, 1200 fewer than last sale.

A good offering of heavy cows and grown steers saw prices lift for better-quality heavy lines, while very light store cows eased by up to 20c/kg.

Cattle were drawn from Hughenden, Croydon, Woodstock, Belyando, local and coastal areas.

There were insufficient vealer steers and heifers to quote, however small lines of steers sold to 330c and heifers made to 248c/kg.

Yearling steers met stronger demand for the small number on offer, reaching 338c, with most selling from 300c to 328c/kg.

The few yearling heifers presented made to 236c/kg.

Heavy bullocks to slaughter sold to 285c to average 273c, while lighter weights destined for live export sold to 265c/kg.

A very good offering of heavy grown steers to slaughter sold to 284c multiple times, while medium weights also to slaughter made 266c/kg.

Medium weight pens of the same line to restockers reached 271c to average 265c/kg.

Some very good lines of heavy cows were in strong demand, increasing by up to 10c for better quality lines.

Extra heavy four score cows sold to 223c, while heavy three score C muscled cows above 400kg sold to 221c, averaging 216c, with isolated sales to 238c/kg.

Similar weight D muscled cows sold to 219c, averaging 209c, with medium weight cows to processors topping at 185c to average 150c/kg.

Restockers were selective on lighter conditioned cows, topping at 180c to average 174c for better-quality types, with very light northern cows regularly selling from 110c to 120c/kg.

Grown heifers to slaughter sold to 243c, with most sales from 223c to 229c/kg.

The few heavy bulls on offer lifted by more than 10c, topping at 264c for those destined for live export, while bulls to processors made to 265c/kg.

A small selection of light males to restockers sold to 250c/kg.


Vendors penned almost 1300 more last week, with a yarding of 2720 on offer.

Cattle were drawn from local shires as well as further west to Alpha and the quality on offer was very good.

Vealer steers averaged 323c for the few presented and vealer heifers averaged 291c/kg to restockers.

Yearling steers had the biggest drafts in the medium weight range from 280-330kg and sold to 310c/kg to restockers.

The other weights averaged 295c/kg generally.

The biggest lines of yearling heifers were also in the medium weight ranges, averaging 296c for the better bred lines while plainer types averaged 275c/kg with most going to restockers and backgrounders.

Feeders paid 265c to 270c/kg for yearling heifers.

Grown steers to processors paid 278c/kg for four scores.

Grown heifers to the trade made to 262c, returning an average of 262c/kg.

Four score cows averaged 215c to top at 221c/kg.

Heavy bulls made to 271c to average 257c/kg.


An increased yarding of 3600 was offered at CQLX Gracemere sale last week.

The yarding was drawn from a wide area of central Queensland, between Theodore and Mackay and west to Clermont.

Best calves went to restockers to a top of 398c and averaged 362c/kg.

Vealer steers averaged 352c/kg for the better-bred lines.

Vealer heifers to restockers averaged 291c with sales to 316c/kg. The main runs of yearling steers topped at 368c, generally averaging from 315c to 329c/kg.

An abundance of yearling heifers were very mixed in quality, most averaging between 260c and 278c/kg.

Grown steers went to feeders, selling to a top of 287c, with averages ranging from 262c to 275c/kg.

Heavy four score bullocks made to 277c, averaging 272c/kg.

Grown heifers to the trade averaged 257c/kg for heavier lines.

Prime four score cows sold well to top at 227c with a 218c/kg average.

Heavy bulls mostly sold to live export to average 248c and top at 259c/kg.

Quite a useful quality yarding of cows and calves on offer saw the better pens make from $1325 to $1700/unit.


Landmark yarded 370 steers, 150 heifers, 15 cows and calves for a total of 550 head.

One of the better-quality yardings penned so far this year which sold to keen competition from two volume buyers.

Heavier steers lost value slightly, however the lighter steers gained value.

P and P Heath, Orkabie, sold 29 number eight grey brahman steers for $850.

W and P Curran, Nebo, sold 15 number eight brangus steers for $855.

Warapipe P/L, Proserpine, sold 15 number eight droughtmaster cross steers for $775.

T and J Hughes, Proserpine, sold 31 number seven brahman cross steers for $800.

S and J McLean, Kuttabul, sold droughtmaster cross cows and calves for $1300 per unit.


Sullivan Livestock yarded 1840 cattle at its Gympie Sale on March 19. The market for store cattle remained firm, while meatworks cattle were slightly cheaper.

Cattle were drawn from Gin Gin, Rosedale, Childers, Maryborough, Aramara, Brooweena, Woolooga, Kilkivan, Eumundi, Kenilworth and all local areas.

Droughtmaster steers from the Geritz Family, Tiaro, sold for $2.93 ($1331).

Droughtmaster cross steers from E. Pretorius, Bergins Pocket, made $2.84 ($1406 and $1394).

Russell and Trish McIntosh sold a quality line of 80 brangus steers, 18 months, selling for $3.05 ($1160 and $1142), $3.07 ($1080 and $1057) and $3.19 ($1096 and $1088).

Simmental-cross steers from Steve Bury, Kandanga, made $3.29 ($1123).

Angus-cross steers from Ron Helmore, Kilkivan, made $3.23 ($966), while their droughtmaster brothers made $3/kg ($945).

Droughtmaster-cross steers from Jackson Mcdonald, Theebine, made $3.40 ($920) and $3.47 ($702).

Droughtmaster steers from the Russell Family made $3.59 ($923).

The Geritz Family's droughtmaster steers made $3.47 ($905).

Generally, weaner steers sold from $3.20 to $3.60 pending quality.

Feeder heifers sold to a top of $2.80, generally between $2.70 to $2.75.

Vealer heifers sold from $2.50 to $2.65.

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