CQ market report: Weaner steers reach 412c

SALE-O: Agents auction of a pen of cattle at the Gracemere saleyards, Rockhampton.
SALE-O: Agents auction of a pen of cattle at the Gracemere saleyards, Rockhampton. Rachael Conaghan


A TOTAL of 2300 were penned today at Gracemere, only 70 more than last week's sale, comprising of 850 steers, 848 heifers, 451 cows, 90 cows and calves and 50 bulls. Cattle were drawn from Nebo, Sarina, Mackay and all local areas and the quality of the cattle overall, was good. Prices remained firm with most descriptions but restocker and feeder type cattle varied in relation to quality on offer.


J Owens, Alton Downs sold quality weaner braford heifers for 320c, weighing 294kg, to return $942.5 /hd

K Mulligen, Gracemere sold charbray heifers to top of 330c, weighing 219kg, to return $724 /hd.

L Cullen, Calliope sold quality brahman steers to a top 390c, weighing 212kg, to return $828 /hd

AJ & P Davison, Lumeah, Middlemount sold heavy feeder steers for 274c, weighing 516kg to return $1415 /hd

Bambling family, Dingo sold quality south devon prime cows to top at 235.2c weighing 611kg, to return $1428 /hd.

C & RM Arthurs, Goovigen sold santa feeder heifers to top at 320.2c, weighing 295kg to return $946 /hd. The Arthurs family also sold weaner steers to top at 402c, weighing 250kg to return $1,005 /hd.

D & S McLean, Midgee sold brangus steers for 394c, weighing 210kg, to return $830.28 /hd.

GR & MJ Dowrick, Elsewhere, Ogmore sold No 6 brahman steers for 314c, weighing 345kg, to return $1086 /hd.

Praguelands Grazing, Mackay sold No 6 droughtmaster heifers for 276 c, weighing 282kg, returning $777 /hd.

RF & BJ Dalglish, Tanby sold quality weaner steers to reach 412.2c, weighing 185kg, to return $764.

Wildman Partnership, Gogango sold prime brangus cows to top at 237.2c, weighing 571kg to return $1,354.41 /hd.

Yarrabee Grazing, Dingo sold No 7 santa heifers for 332 c/kg, weighing 260kg, returning $862 /hd.


AGENTS yarded just over 1900 cattle at the weekly sale, an increase on numbers from last weeks sale.

All categories were well represented with some northern and western influence, with all types coming under strong competition.

Heavy bullocks over 550kg made to 274c/kg to average 267 cents, steers 500-550kg reached 296c/kg to average 277 cents, while steers 400- 500kg made to 293c/kg to average 279 cents, steers 350-400kg were too few to quote, steers 280-350kg reached 364c/kg to average 320 cents, while steers in the weaner weight ranges made to 388c/kg to average 363 cents.

Heifers over 400kg reached 279c/kg to average 263 cents, with heifers 350-400kg making to 278c/kg to average 267 cents, heifers 280-350kg made to 307c/kg to average 269 cents, while heifers in the weaner weight ranges made to 343c/kg to average 302 cents. Heavy cows over 520kg reached 239c/kg to average 232 cents, with cows 450- 520kg making to 237c/kg to average 231 cents.


The Esmond family of Emerald sold Euro cross bullocks to 266c/kg to weigh 670kg or $1784.

The Prewett family of Emerald sold brangus cross steers to 381c/kg to weigh 277kg or $1058.

Robbie and Veronica Ryan of Emerald sold droughtmaster steers reaching to 365c/ kg to weigh 204kg & $746.

Charlie McKinlay and family of Yamala sold brangus heifers to 264c/kg and weighed 464kg and $1226.

Ryan and Chloe Hodgkinson of Clermont consigned droughtmaster heifers to 320c/kg to weigh 264kg or $846.

Noel and Dallas Daley of Willows sold brahman cross heifers to 364c/kg to weigh 385kg or $1017.

The Cox family of Alpha sold Euro cross heifers reaching 278c/kg to weigh 359kg or $998.

Jono and Carmel Tibbles of Springsure offered droughtmaster cross cows to 236c/kg to weigh 558kg or $1318.

Enniskillen Pastoral of Jericho sold santa steers to 389c/kg to return $982.

Dunmor Past of Comet sold heifers to 344c/kg to weigh 206kg or $708.

Steve and Louise Comiskey of Capella sold santa heifers to 257c/kg to weigh 475kg or $1222.


COMBINED agents yarded a total of 2553 head.

Cattle consisting of 895 prime and 1658 store.

The prime cattle consisted of 278 bullocks, 24 heifers, 396 cows and 197 bulls. Store cattle yarded 752 steers, 888 heifers and 18 cows and calves.

Cattle comprised of a few lines of well finished cows and bullocks, with a large number of plainer northern steers and heifers. The yarding was drawn from Gulf of Carpentaria, Burketown, Normanton, Georgetown, Hughenden, Belyando and local and coastal areas.


Bullocks were quoted 10 cents dearer, heifers were unchanged and cows were 8-9 cents dearer, on last week's rates.

Bullocks topped at 273.2c/kg sold on account OS Allingham that weighed 579kg to return $1,582 per head. Best priced trade heifers, were presented on account Ball & Co, which made 260c/kg to weigh 450kg and return $1,170 per head.

The top pen of cows were sold by RD & LM Woodward for 237c/kg and weighed 580kg to return $1,375 per head.

Bulls sold on account Brabon Cattle Co, topped at 258c/kg and weighed 650kg to return $1,678 per head.


Store cattle consisted of large runs of light weaner steers and heifers with a mix of a few good boat steers and mickeys, bringing strong competition from exporters, feedlotters and restockers.

A pen of 38 steers account Claraville Station made 368c/kg and weighed 168kg and realised $618 per head.

A line of 236 steers account Claraville Station made 358.2c/kg to average 148kg and return $533 per head.

A good pen of 38 heifers account Claraville Station made 308c/kg, weighed 140kg and returned a good average of $432 per head.

A line of 343 heifers account Claraville Station made 301c/kg to average 139kg to return $422 per head.

Cows and calves sold on account EW & VR Butler returned $1,500 per unit.


Total head yarded 643.

Average liveweight results of fat and store sale - steers, heifers, cows and bulls: Average cents per kg - 285 c/kg. Average dollars per head - $977.70.

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