Consequences of cattle ban remain

WHO dobbed me in?

A week ago, I started getting emails at home from the Palmer United Party.

I'm not sure if it came from party leader Clive Palmer.

A few weeks ago, a mate reminded me of the morning we had breakfast at Clive's during a National Party Conference at the Gold Coast in the 1980s.

I don't recall what we talked about but know he was an action man keen on promoting young people in politics.

The reality is, politics is important.

One only has to look at the quick decision to ban live cattle exports to Indonesia a few years ago to realise that.

Yes, something had to be done after the Four Corners program but the decision to ban after very little consultation is still hitting everyone with a cow or two or hundreds.

A few weeks later, the trade resumed but a lot of the damage was done.

I have mentioned the decision to telemarketers that Julia Gillard's rash decision was having an impact on me and anyone with cattle.

Making a living out of farming or, in my case, a supplementary income depends on a lot more than politics.

There is the weather, international markets, general economic conditions and even the decisions of bodies that implement anti-dumping laws.

Just like the body that oversees foreign ownership, my feeling is many statutory bodies don't have, or in some cases, don't use the powers they have.

At least this week has started a bit cooler and one hopes helpful rain is just around the corner.

It is scary to drive to Toowoomba and see all the failed crops. Worst still, some fair crops that were hit by hail.

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