Congress offers latest horticulture research

EARLY bird registration for this year's International Horticultural Congress to be held at the Brisbane Convention Centre closes on February 17.

The congress will offer horticultural growers and stakeholders in the Australian horticultural industry a wealth of information during the five- day event from August 17-22, which is expected to bring more than 2000 people together to discuss scientific horticultural issues.

Growcom encourages growers to consider attending to hear the latest information on a wide range of topics relevant to horticulture.

Topics to be discussed at the congress include:

  •  human health effects of fruit and vegetables;
  •  horticulture in developing countries and world food production;
  •  impact of Asia-Pacific horticulture;
  •  water scarcity, salination and plant water relations for optimal production and quality;
  •  FAO/WHO horticulture for nutrition workshop;
  •  new cultivars and plant supply;
  •  plant breeding horticulture;
  •  molecular biology in horticulture;
  •  genetically modified organisms in horticulture;
  •  micropropagation and in-vitro techniques; and
  •  plant genetic resources.

Scientists will also focus on particular issues in:

  •  fruit and nut crops (including tropical wines and grape and wine production);
  •  vegetable crops (including indigenous vegetables and edible fungi);
  •  ornamentals; and
  •  production and supply chain (including mechanisation, precision horticulture and robotics; and innovative plant protection in horticulture and post-harvest knowledge for the future).

The tropical horticulture symposium will focus on scientific issues in particular crops, including papaya, pineapple, banana and mango.

New symposia have been lately added to the congress program on root and tuber crops and nuts.

Sessions are also being run with the Fifth World Congress for Medicinal and Aromatic Plants. Topics will include the pharmacology of food, plants as factories of natural substances, edible and essential oils, and future prospects for aromatic plants, essential oils and health.

Registration costs $990 for ISHS members and $1100 for non-members. There is also a three-day registration and one-day registration available. For more information visit

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