COLUMN: Open up to feeling uncomfortable

Why are we so resistant to feeling uncomfortable? Why do we avoid the feeling of discomfort when we are learning a new way or when we are exposed to new opportunities or someone challenges us on our old behaviour…even when we are asking for change - even when we want it really, really badly!?

A few months ago I wrote down a new goal for how many hours a week I wanted to work in my business; it was a reasonable number…read -  'normal'  work week, instead of the way too many hours I tend to invest often being BUSY and not being as productive or efficient as I could be.

Even looking at that number made me feel uncomfortable…so of course, I didn't do it. I thought about it, I dreamed about it, but I didn't actually take the steps required to make the actual change in real life!

What's puzzling (and not uncommon) is that I didn't do it even though I KNEW that it would be good for me, that it would be so liberating, give me the freedom I have been craving, allow for more time for family and friends and play AND that it was totally possible and achievable!

Madness right…but I see it every single day.

Rural women who KNOW that if they just took that step, backed themselves, took that action, made that decision, said NO, or said YES, joined that program, asked for help….their life would be extraordinarily improved and yet we DON'T DO IT!


Well, I know one reason for sure is that we do not like being uncomfortable. We resist the feeling of anxiety or worry or fear that it invokes and so we don't change.

But, once we do take the plunge we realise that the discomfort only lasts a little while….until your new way becomes the normal way and that it's totally worth the margin of discomfort between 'selves'!

So. In thinking about this I decided that it was time to GET uncomfortable and start to implement that plan.

Monday morning, it's always a good day to start…so today I find myself in all kinds of resistance to taking action on that. Other people's plans sneaking in to potentially sabotage, bright shiny objects presenting to distract me, a feeling of bubbles in the tummy and nerves…you know the drill.

Resistance to change!

But today is different. Today I have drawn the line in the sand and made the decision…not this time.

This time I am OPEN to this discomfort. I am going to observe the symptoms that show up and allow them to pass. I am going to forgive myself for being distracted and bring myself back to the mission. I am going to stick to my goals and take only inspired and strategic action…and most importantly I am going to LEAVE my office at the exact time I said I would…inspite of how uncomfortable that might make me feel.

Today I am OPEN to change and I am ready for all the goodness that brings!

How uncomfortable can you get so you can make that change you have been putting off?

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