Chuck Norris lives up to his name in Top End

Chuck loves life in the NT.
Chuck loves life in the NT. Contributed

THIS Territorian has a big name to live up to: Chuck Norris.

But if anyone could out-shadow the screen legend and pop culture hero, it's the Darwin's Chuck Norris.

Chuck, who has lived in the Top End for almost 30 years has earned a reputation for being a successful player in multiple sporting fields.

He has represented the Territory in rugby league during an Australian championships, is a keen Aussie Rules player and has stepped into the boxing ring - and just a few weeks ago he graced the pages of the Rural Weekly when he was in the photo of the winning team of a charity cricket competition.

Meanwhile, Hollywood's Chuck Norris (who was made famous for appearing in Bruce Lee movies, his television show Walker Texas Ranger and being a fitness enthusiast) turned 77 last month.


Hollywood's Chuck Norris.
Hollywood's Chuck Norris. Contributed

We caught up with the NT's Chuck to find out what it's like to live with a famous name.

Chuck has a sense of humour and said the name didn't bother him.

"It does make people laugh and sometimes people don't believe me when I tell them," he said.

"When I went down south to play footy, they read your name out when you are running out or if you are scoring a try, and I was thinking to myself, 'they are going to read my name out soon', it made some people laugh."

The only other time being called Chuck Norris has been a hindrance for the mechanical fitter was when he was asked to give his full name to a police officer when he was a kid.

"They didn't believe it was my name," he said.


Chuck Norris from Darwin has had succes in multiple sporting fields.
Chuck Norris from Darwin has had succes in multiple sporting fields. Contributed

"They said if I didn't tell them the truth they would chuck me in the back of the paddy wagon. I said they could take me home and my parents would tell them. Then the copper said 'this is your last chance, I know it's not your real name. If your name is Chuck Norris my name is Bruce Lee'." Luckily Chuck's friends were able convince the officers he was telling the truth. Chuck moved to Darwin when he was five from Papua New Guinea - his dad named him Chuck knowing the name was already famous. "He said he just thought it was a good name for me, a famous name. I was like, yep, cheers, dad."

And as for his favourite Chuck Norris joke, "chuck doesn't do push ups; he pushes the world down."

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