Choose the best wood for your decking

CAREFUL consideration must be given when purchasing timber decking.

There are plenty of companies prepared to sell the product but its lifespan can be dramatically reduced if some simple steps are not followed.

Species is one consideration. While they all perform okay, some species have the edge over others.

Silvertop ash, stringybark, ironbark and merbau have all been found to require less frequent maintenance than yellow balau. Spotted gum requires more frequent recoating due to its waxy, dense nature, which makes penetration difficult.

In trials done by Haymes Paint, different species weathered at different rates. Some timbers, such as cypress and cedar, tend to blacken under certain conditions as they contain large amounts of tannin. This discolouration is caused by a chemical reaction between tannin and iron.

Some tips for a longer life for your deck are:

Remove all natural oils and waxes from timber before coating for better penetration. Do not apply if rain or dew is expected in 24 hours. Apply coat out of the sun and ensure temperature is between 10 and 30 degrees.

Apply coating evenly to all surfaces and apply the correct recommended amounts of coats. Work with the grain as it goes on a lot easier and more even.

Just these few little hints can dramatically improve the life of your deck.

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