Canada reinforces why wood is good

QUEBEC, Canada's largest province, has announced a series of measures that will inject $430 million into its forest industry.

The government realises the value its renewable resource, the timber industry, has upon communities, the socio-economic value it has and the wealth that can be created by its use.

The province has seen 30,000 jobs lost since 2008, one third of the entire workforce.

The Canadian government has declared a "fresh start" for the industry which covers 750,300 square kilometres of forest, $320 million will be spent within seven years on modernising the forestry sector, also $50 million to be spent between now and 2020 to create a program to utilise residual forest biomass energy production specifically aimed at reducing fossil fuel usage and lowering green house emissions.

$67million also to be spent on forestry management practices and reforestation projects. Another 10million on stimulating the development of private forestry.

One primary focus the government has is to make the use of a renewable resource over other non-renewable resources to reduce all types of emissions.

The government is committed to sustainable development and should be applauded for it. In Quebec, more than 90% of public forest lands are now covered by environmental certification.

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