Prepare yourself for a business downturn

ALTHOUGH some local industries are booming, others are facing tougher times. It is important always to be ready for uncertain times and make sure your business could handle a potential downturn. Here are some steps to ensure you're prepared:

  • Stress test your business: Determine what percentage drop in sales and cash flow it takes to force your business to a loss. List and prioritise actions to get back in the black if this happened.
  • Benchmark your business: Com- pare your business with industry benchmarks to see if there are obvious differences. Work out what you can do to bring it back in line.
  • Carry out a business health check: This will identify for action unfavourable changes that may have occurred in your business.
  • Ensure you comply with financial covenants set by your bank: Read loan agreements and find out what your bank or finance company require. This minimises the chance of the facility being withdrawn, especially an overdraft.
  • Undertake a wastage review: See if you can get a better deal on utilities like electricity, gas, telephone and internet.
  • Sure up your customers: Make sure you're their preferred supplier. Solicit regular feedback.
  • Keep close to your key team members: Make sure they feel secure. Give them an opportunity to put forward ideas.
  • Incorporate all of the above into your business plan: A good plan will include a budget and cashflow forecast. Discuss with your bank the facilities they believe would be of most benefit if times get tough.

Neville Hughes is managing director of GTC Financial, Gladstone.

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