Bloody bewdy! Gympie's fair dinkum donnybrook

Dairy cattle.
Dairy cattle. Bev Lacey

BLOODY bewdy! A fair dinkum donnybrook in defence of dairy farming descending on Gympie involving several combatants from several Aussie states, "Vegans fire up over dairy farmers' letter" (The Gympie Times, April 17, 2017) with Diane Cornelius of Seacliff Park, South Australia, defending serial animal rights person Jenny Moxham of Monbulk, Victoria.

Well now ladies, let me tell you I am married to a cow cocky's daughter with a mean left hook (the daughter, not the cow cocky) and I have no problems with any sort of farming.


Lagoon Pocket dairy farmer John Cameron.
Lagoon Pocket dairy farmer John Cameron. Renee Albrecht

And my dad was a third generation professional fisherman; and my mum a country girl whose father (then her brother) a hounds man at a fox hunt club (tally ho and all that); occasionally getting one of those dastardly foxes attacking (after eating alive the exposed-to-the-world-half of half born lambs) the genital tissues of ewes down during difficult births.

So on good authority I say animal rights types become hysterical over honeymooners' activities disturbing the bed mite's habitat. 

Howard Hutchins,

Chirnside Pk, Victoria. 

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