Warwick region cattle sales

NETWORKING: Ben Cory, Warwick, chats with Ascot Charolais and Angus stud principal, Jackie Chard, at their open day.
NETWORKING: Ben Cory, Warwick, chats with Ascot Charolais and Angus stud principal, Jackie Chard, at their open day. Linda Mantova

GNF market wrap

AT THIS week's Warwick cattle sale the combined Livestock Selling Agents yarded 1211.

  • DM Dwan of Allora sold angus cross bullocks for 191.2c/kg, weighing 605kgs to return $1157.
  • BR and ME Hardacre of Killarney sold grain-assisted santa/limo steers for 191.2c/kg, weighing 537kgs to return $1026.
  • WE Bonner of Eukey sold a pen of four and six-tooth charbray bullocks off pasture for 184.6c/kg, weighing 585kgs to return $1078.
  • JR and D Jones of Stanthorpe sold 15 full mouth angus bullocks for 179.2c/kg, weighing 731kgs to return $1309.
  • Tom Naughten of Rosehill sold grain-assisted limousin steers for 198.2c/kg, weighing 408kg to return $809.
  • Grabond Holdings of Stanthorpe sold angus cows for 141.6c/kg, weighing 770kg to return $1090.
  • R Kelly of Tenterfield sold a pen of charolais cross steers for 184.2c/kg, weighing 204kg to return $375.
  • G and P Wilkinson of Clifton sold milk vealers for 193.2c/kg, weighing 335kg to return $647.
  • KR and LA Willcocks of Tenterfield sold vealer heifers for 180c/kg, weighing 275kg to return $495.

McDougalls and Sons

Malcolm and Pam Turner sold a good pen of heavy trade lambs to Singh Meats 53kg for $110.

  • Claire and Graham Angus sold two pens of lambs 46kg to Mc Mahon Bros for $100,44kg to Melrose Meats for $95.
  • James and Audrey Mead sold 46kg lambs to Mc Mahon Bros for $99.50.
  • Raymund and Margaret Cleary again presented a great pen of 46kg woolly trade lambs to Mc Mahon Bros for $106.50.
  • Warren and Wendy Schelbach sold a great pen of 46kg shorn lambs selling to Hawthorne Partnership for $106.
  • Shelley Family Trust sold a pen of trade dorper lambs 47kg for $103 selling to Gillies Meats.
  • A line of light trade lambs account the Packer family from Roma sold from $38 to $42 with a weight range of 32kg to 37kg.
  • The market was dominated with lighter types and this kept a platform for the better types with lambs showing finish and trade weights firm to perhaps a slight premium on last week's yarding.



  • P Valente sold 378kg angus steers for 161.2c/kg returning $609.82.
  • WS and NG Sawdy sold 378kg angus feeder steers for 161.2c/kg returning $609.82.
  • J B Pietsch sold 447.5kg angus heifers for 140.0c/kg returning $626.50.
  • Coolmunda Pastoral Company sold 455kg angus cows for 123.2c/kg returning $560.56.
  • Glenarbon Estates sold 492kg santa heifers for 154.2c/kg returning $758.66.
  • Pampoola Trading Company sold 560kg santa cows for 135.2c/kg returning $757.12.


  • W Tighe topped the sale with 55.7kg cross breed lambs for $108.
  • RP and BA Robinson sold 45kg cross breed lambs for $90.
  • Mumbulu Trading sold 44.7kg cross breed lambs for $86.
  • Darling Downs Dorpers sold 41.4kg dorper lambs for $84.
  • GT Barlett sold merino ewes for $68.

MLA local report

THERE was a reduction in numbers with all categories represented.

  • There was a fair supply of heavy steers and bullocks, with an increased supply of older feeder steers.
  • Medium and heavy cows were in good numbers with very few lightweights.
  • There was a good supply of supplementary fed yearling cattle showing varying degrees of finish, with re-stockers and feeders reasonably well catered for.
  • The usual buyers were in attendance and there was extra competition on heavy feeder steers.
  • Trends varied throughout the sale with heavy steers selling firm to slightly dearer.
  • There was little change in the cow market apart from a bit of quality variation.
  • Heavy trade yearlings sold firm to 1c/kg dearer, while medium weights were slightly cheaper.
  • Light and medium weight yearling steers to restock and feed sold to a cheaper trend, while there was more quality related price variation for yearling heifers to restock and feed.
  • The best of the well-finished trade vealers remained firm, selling from 165c to 206c/kg.
  • Lightweight yearling steers to restock and feed were up to 10c cheaper, due to some quality factors, making from 140c to 175c/kg.
  • Plainer conditioned D muscled grades made from 133c to 154c/kg.
  • Medium weight steers made from 150c to 175c to restock and feed, with well-finished trade lines making from 169c to 191c/kg.
  • Heavy yearling steers to feed sold from 152c to 172c, with trade cattle making from 168c to 198c/kg.
  • There were quality related price variations for yearling heifers to restock and feed, with increased competition from re-stockers on the plainer conditioned D muscled lines.
  • Lightweight heifers to restock and feed sold from 124c to 155c/kg.
  • The three score trade cattle made from 145c to 184c, dependent on breed quality in places.
  • Medium weight three score trade heifers sold from 150c to 204c, with variations due to breed quality and yield potential.
  • Heavy steers and bullocks sold on a firm to slightly dearer trend, with the increase shown in the older 4 and 6 tooth steers.
  • Feeder steers showing 2 and 4 teeth benefited from increased competition to sell to a dearer trend, making from 140c to 168c/kg.
  • Medium and heavy cows saw little but quality related price changes on a close to firm market trend.
  • Heavy 3 and 4 score beef bred cows made from 119c to 145c, with medium weights from 118c to 140c/kg.

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