Better quality at Emerald cattle sale fails to inspire

IT looked to be a better quality line-up at Emerald last Thursday but values didn't stray too far from the previous sale in the store section.

Changes either way were a reflection of the quality available but slaughter cattle did lose some ground on previous very strong rates.

Numbers increased a little with just over 1500 yarded.

Bullocks over 550kg topped at 178c/kg and averaged 171c/kg, four cents back.

The handful of steers 500-550kg made to 171c/kg, while steers 400-500kg sold to 171c/kg and averaged 160c/kg, three cents better.

Those in the 320-400kg range reached 185c/kg for a 172c/kg average, also three cents better.

Steers 220-300kg eased a couple of cents to top at 212c/kg and average 174c/kg, while steers under 220kg also gained a little ground to sell to 210c/kg and average 185c/kg.

The very strong cow market of the previous week had a correction; heavy cows over 520kg eased seven cents to sell to 145c/kg and average 135c/kg, while 400-520kg cows lost nine cents to top at 141c/kg and average 118c/kg.

Heifers over 400kg posted a slight gain in average to top at 163c/kg and average 154c/kg, while heifers 300-400kg sold to a top of 175c/kg, lack of quality resulting in a three- cents drop to average 150c/kg.

Heifers in the 220-300kg range came under better competition to top at 191c/kg and average 166c/kg, while heifers under 220kg also improved in value to top at 185c/kg and average 177c/kg.

No cows and calves were yarded.

Emerald sale highlights

  • Thursday, October 18. Yarding: About 1500.
  • Steve McLucas & Susan Burns, Roper Valley, Middlemount, sold 623kg santa cross bullocks to make 173.2c/kg and $1080
  • The Prince Family, Janibee, Capella, sold their 690kg droughtmaster cross bullocks to 177.2c/kg and $1222
  • Hugo Spooner's composite steers 388kg sold to 185c/kg and $719
  • Glen & Tania Robertson's 250kg brahman cross weaner steers reached 198.2c/kg and $495
  • Colin & Sherilee Hoch, Westbrook, Alpha, sold charbray bullocks to average 163.2c/kg at 850kg for $1387
  • David & Tanya Gullo, Bloodwood, Yamala, sold charolais/droughtmaster cross weaner steers weighing 250kg to make 202.2c/kg and $506, while their sisters made 191.2c/kg, weighing 236kg and returning $452
  • Pat & Chris Conway, Glenrowan, Yamala, sold santa cross weaner steers weighing 259kg for 191.2c/kg and $496; their heifer mates reached 185.2c/kg for 245kg and $453
  • The Sullivan Family, Springton, Springsure, sold brangus No.0 heifers weighing 550kg to make 159.2c/kg and $875
  • Mark & Wendy Tasker, Lowerstoff, Capella, sold brangus weaner steers 300kg to make 194.2c/kg and $584, while their heifers reached 182.2c/kg at 208kg for $379
  • Des & Dianne Priddle, Sirius, Rolleston, sold droughtmaster cross heifers to 175.2c/kg, to weigh 277kg for $486
  • Richard Hampton, Sandhurst, Yamala, sold belmont red cross heifers topping at 182.2c/kg at 216kg for $393/head; their steer mates reached 179c/kg at 230kg for $412
  • Bradley Peters, Grovelea, Springsure, sold droughtmaster cross heifers to 162.20c/kg at 450kg for $730
  • Laurie Hawkins, Serpentine, Springsure, sold No.1 droughtmaster feeder heifers for 164c/kg at 388kg for $637

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