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LAZY D BEEF: Farmers Paul and Sandra Donnelly on their farm at Carmila.
LAZY D BEEF: Farmers Paul and Sandra Donnelly on their farm at Carmila. Contributed

PAUL Donnelly breathes in the fresh air.

As he looks out over his 120ha (300 acre) cattle property he sees a string of cattle swaying slowly along the fence line.

"I love that they are walking along as if life is a bowl of cherries," he said.

Carmila is Mr Donnelly's slice of freedom.

He loves the bite of the bush; it is a place where he can see nature for all its beauty.

Mr Donnelly absorbs it all, like the lone white cockatoo swooping in the heat of the sky, looking for the rest of his mob.

"You never know what nature will throw at you," he said.

It is in these moments Mr Donnelly does not take for granted the beauty of farm life.

His heart has always been in the country, even though his feet have led him to other pastures.

"I was born and bred on a station in southern NSW,'' he said.

"I then went ringing in Queensland and Western Australia."

For the past 12 months he and his wife Sandra have, along with their cattle, run their business Lazy D Bulk Beef.

Their business is about giving families affordable and delicious grass-fed, free-range meat.

Their meat is gluten free and is hung for 10 days in the cool room.

Once you choose whether you want a ¼, ½, ¾ or a full beast they deliver it straight to your freezer door fully dressed at $6.50 a kilo.

"My wife and I know what it is like to feed a big family,'' Mr Donnelly said.

"That is why we wanted to make our meat as affordable as possible."

Mr Donnelly said he was one of nine in his family and he and Sandra have five children of their own.

When they are not working on the farm, they live at Campwin Beach.

But Mr Donnelly prefers living between their caravan and tin shed with a home-made shower on the farm.

"We really wanted to bring some diversity to our farm, besides our 100 head of cattle," he said.

When it comes to purchasing a carcase Mr Donnelly recommends people buy a quarter.

He said a quater of a beast would last a family of two adults and two kids up to three months.

"Having a quarter means the beef will stay fresh and you also don't need a whopping big freezer," he said.

As for Mr Donnelly, if he had to stop eating meat he would die.

"I eat meat three to four times a week."

► For more information on Lazy D Bulk Beef contact the Donnellys; phone Paul 0437 246 783 or Sandra 0428 243 567 a/h 4956 7151 or send an email to

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