Animals Australia claims mistreatment of Australian cattle

Animals Australia has released images and video of what it says is the mistreatment of Australian livestock in Gaza.
Animals Australia has released images and video of what it says is the mistreatment of Australian livestock in Gaza. Contributed

EVIDENCE of what Animals Australia has described as "sickening abuse of Australian cattle" exported to Gaza should re-ignite a national debate on the legitimacy of the live export trade, the group said.

Animals Australia said footage of Australian cattle being abused in the Gaza Strip in October had been provided to all MPs and senators.

The group said the footage was taken by civilians during the Festival of Sacrifice, and showed cattle "being terrorised by crowds and tortured in streets and makeshift slaughterhouses - all in breach of Australia's live export regulations".

Animals Australia Campaign Director, Lyn White, said words could not adequately describe the carnage in these videos and the scale of abuse endured by Australian cattle.

"It is shocking and completely harrowing to watch," she said.

"Any politician or industry supporter who has propagated the industry's clever PR line that we can improve animal welfare by being in the market should be locked in a room and forced to watch an hour of footage from Gaza.

"Only through viewing this sickening footage can you fully understand the extent of the horror these animals endured. There is a moral imperative on every politician to watch it as many have pre-conditioned their support of live export continuing on the basis that animals are treated humanely."

Animals Australia has lodged a legal complaint in relation to live export breaches in Gaza, the third such complaint in two months following alleged breaches of regulations in Jordan and Mauritius.

"This industry is making fools of politicians and producers by playing on their inability to see the reality for animals in importing markets," Ms Best said.

"So acceptable is this brutal treatment to locals that they are cheering and filming the spectacle on mobile phones.

"This is what Australian exporters have been exporting animals to for decades. It is time for every politician to search their consciences as to how they can allow this trade to continue.

"Politicians need to wake up to the fact that they have had the wool pulled over their eyes. Most Australian farmers do not live export and run profitable businesses. Live export is a small and declining industry worth not even 0.3 % of Australia's total exports - with even alcohol exports more valuable. Yet the entire agricultural sector is tarnished by the existence of the live trade and cruelty associated with it."

See the footage here.

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